Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Boyhood...Well, Girlhood

Hi there, Schneckens!
I have been watching a ton of films recently and the one that really stuck out for me was of course Boyhood; a story about a boy's journey through childhood to adolescent over the period of 12 years. It was literally filmed over a period of 12 years, so we really did see these characters age and mature, which was groundbreaking stuff, people!

Watching a film that follows a character's journey, which age wise is close to mine, was endearing. You don't really think about your own journey until afterwards and then it hits you like a meteorite (I also watched The Theory of Everything, so expect some science-y type stuff) The message hit me even more when I continued to decorate my room with pictures from the last few years. One thing that struck me was that even in those short few years, I have noticeably changed - the weight changes; the growing relationships with certain individuals; my progression through education; my appearance. It's rather amazing that in such a short time I have become who I am today. I also discuss how mentally I have been through quite a roller-coaster, but if I remove that just briefly, it's still an incredible journey to look back on.

Boyhood is a coming of age movie and the definition of coming of age is: "the age or occasion when one formally becomes and adult." (google) At this period of my life I can relate tremendously to that as I sit in my University flat, paying my own way and making my own decisions. Jeez, it's a hard concept to get my head around. The fact that in my earliest picture in this room (excluding the young ones) I was a rather innocent young girl, who relied hopelessly on every adult around me. But then we go through the months and I become more aware of the world; more sexually open (open? active? one of these words, I don't know); more realistic in what I want to do with my life. But with that, am I free? No. But that isn't what the film is about. Whilst Boyhood beautifully shows Mason Jr's life over the 12 years up to the point in which I am today, freedom wasn't a concept. Freedom is a vague term and in the film there are moments - landmark moments, like learning to ride a bike, the first kiss, going to college etc. We're not free in a sense because we're stuck in a structured existence that is formally known as time. With time, we are not free because we have an end date that is unknown to us. Yet, as the film perfectly highlights, we forget about the reality of time because the moment seizes us.

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