Saturday, 31 January 2015

Recording Walthamstow?

Happy Saturday, Schneckens!
Sit down and have a nice hot drink because it's a tad chilly out today. I'm even a bit chilly and everyone knows I rarely feel the cold.

Remember back in the summer when I was part of the Pound a Portrait project; in which photographer Paula Smith and filmmaker Guy King would take a portrait for £1 and record it happening in order to understand the meaning behind a portrait and to understand the people of Walthamstow as a community? Well today they showed the film in Walthamstow's Empire Cinema (my first visit I may add!) and I couldn't help but feel greatly disappointed with the final product.

Walthamstow has been described as an up and coming area, with much emphasis on the younger generation. Well in this short film, that seems to be ignored. The production included little mention of young people, including myself, where my discussion on mental health was cut. Obviously I am sad about that because it was a brilliant platform to discuss such a closed subject for a wider audience, yet for whatever reason, most likely creative, it never made it into the final piece. The film consisted of a certain age group and for me watching it felt like it was suggesting that stories from the younger generation are not as important as the older generation. That upset me tremendously because I know people my age who are doing remarkable things with their life and was not shown. For instance, Zoe Power's year in India to teach, which at the time of filming was nearly coming into place. Cut. Henry Albert and his music aspirations, again reinforcing Walthamstow as up and coming. Cut. I'm sure that there are other examples I have failed to mention that were cut in favour of the older (30+) generation.

As a Drama student I am aware that not everything can make it into the final production, especially with large chunks of information and a short time frame. However, I also believe in diversity in a production and the lack of people of a younger generation disappointed me because our stories are just as meaningful and important of those of an older generation and deserved to be listened to.

Toodles :)

Friday, 30 January 2015

Saucy Friday: Love At First Sight?

Hey, Schenckens!
I am in bed this morning as I write this because I realised that I'm in bed most of the time anyway, so let's just work from here. I think it's been a success so far, I mean, I'm not sleeping, but I am sure damn comfy right now. Ah, bliss. Okay, I got distracted by BuzzFeed, so maybe this is not been an entire success.

It's nearly February if you weren't aware of how quickly the first month of 2015 has flown past. So for all those skeptical people and loved up folk, next month is apparently the month of love. Yes, Valentine's Day. Eurgh, that's going to be fun - we all know those annoying fucks who will declare their love for their partner on an array of social media, spamming your news feed, whilst normal folk are embracing the ridiculously cheap chocolate. What, just me? Hey, do what you want, just don't fuck the Portuguese guy. And buy chocolate, that stuff is amazing.

Therefore this has sparked the good ol' debate in my mind - Is love at first sight a real thing? Well, when I say debate in my mind, I mean, I only decided: NO! I'm sorry to come across as a cold hearted sadist, but how can you look at someone and fall in love with them instantly, without the aid of some Disney potion? You can't. You know zero about them. Sure, there has been instances when you've known someone for a while and suddenly you look at them differently, but that's because of an array of other factors; like you get to know them more or they become more attractive.

Yes, that sounds so freakin' shallow, but human beings are like that. When someone becomes more attractive in our eyes, we start developing new types of feelings for them. That's pretty much what you're feeling when you apparently fall in love with someone at first sight. You find them attractive and instantly want to find out more about them because they are so gosh damn enchanting to you that you want more. Then you find out more and form a connection that will most likely turn into love. I sound so emotionally dead, but I'm just not one of those people who is naive enough to think like that. If I did, then I've been in love probably hundreds of times. Nah, I haven't. Folks, love at first sight is a romantic concept that some hyperbolic fool created because that made sense.

Now. if you're thinking of throwing a spanner in the works with non romantic loves, then go ahead. My argument is that those who say that when they saw the baby for the first time that they fell in love with them instantly already formed a strong ass connection. That seems logical. Entirely different to my main point though. But there we go. Love is chocolate, so give me chocolate.

Toodles :)

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Lights Will Guide You Home

Hi Schneckens!
Quick post because I'm going to bed soon. Had the presentation today and it went okay. I discussed my lighting ideas and I think they like some of them, which is cool. Got to make a few changes, but that's okay with me. I've also been promoted (let's call it that!) to AV, so that's another task I got to deal with. Busy lady!

My day was good though, it was amazing to see Grace Helbig wearing the flamingo hat in her latest video. Still can't believe I met her! Anyway, off to bed!

Toodles :)

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Othello Was Quite The Fellow

Sup, Schneckens!
Beyoncé apparently cooks her meals naked.. Let's just hope that it's nothing that sizzles out of the pan or that will hurt and that's not #flawless. Yes, I found myself enjoying the song 'Jealous'. I kinda related, even though I don't have anyone to make jealous, but I have shit loads to be jealous about. I could be pretty.. I mean, I'm wearing makeup right now. Sure, I fell asleep and look like a panda, but I'm a sexy panda. Or a cute one, whichever one makes your heart flutter like a lovesick puppy.

So today I went to the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith and to the surprise of no one, except myself, I managed to get there all by myself. I've been there before with the Drama family, but this time I got there all by myself and from the glittering heights of Avery Hill. Oh I miss the family so much! But yes, I got there and hung out with Timber in Spoons and rather loudly declared that the guy was hot. I'm gonna blame the double vodka and diet coke - yes, drinking at noon! Shocker! I wasn't tipsy though, it had a very little effect on me. Therefore I was able to greet the delightful Pippa sober and she nicely complimented my eyeliner - the second human being to do so!

Anyway, Frantic Assembly's production of Othello was spectacular. When the performance started I was a tad skeptical about it because whilst I like physical theatre to a certain degree, I'm not the biggest lover. But the piece quickly came to life and Mark Ebulue as Othello was absolutely stunning; he captivated his audience and had us in complete awe as he performed with such power and emotion. His relationship with Kirsty Oswald (Desdemona) was superb and we were able to see the strain in their relationship, which was interesting to watch unfold. Ultimately, this was a fine piece of drama that I would highly recommend, especially for those who love Shakespeare!

And that was my day. I also had a fish burger because that's just how I roll!

Toodles :)

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


RAWR, Schneckens!
For a good chunk of my day I kept imagining a really camp dinosaur just constantly roaring, or rawring as I like to imagine. I don't know why I've been thinking about dinosaurs, maybe it's my new dinosaur poster that Sibling got for me yesterday. Yeah, Sibling came to visit yesterday evening and we had mac and cheese and it was the best evening ever! RAWR. I think this picture just summarises the image in my head:

So onto business now. Well, not business exactly, more like how my day went. It was okay. It wasn't the greatest. but it wasn't shit. This time I managed to hear my alarm and got to my 10am meeting. It wasn't really a meeting, more of handing over money and making a presentation, which was pretty swell with me. I foolishly agreed to do the talking for Thursday, which now means I have to present for everyone. Dammit. It's okay, it's only a few people, not like the whole class and third years. If that was the case, I would walk out in a dramatic, but classy, way. Speaking of dramatic, I told Pixie that I would perform a monologue for him to capture how he is somewhat deep since I couldn't summarise it in words. Alright then. He's a werewolf apparently, which would explain the beard, even got a picture of that fine piece of facial hair.

The rest of the day was pretty standard. Had a lecture and was put into my presentation group. They seem alright to work with, friendly. So that was reassuring because we all know I suck at group work. Weird using the word 'suck' without some sort of dick joke. Jeez, I must be getting old if I can't think of a dick joke! It's getting hard to think of one... Aaaaand I'm back.

Toodles :)

Monday, 26 January 2015

Music Monday [Early Morning Fails]

Hello, Schneckens!
One of us is early to the blogging world today and it's not because I was so dedicated to getting it done early, oh no, it was because I couldn't hear my alarm so I slept in, missed the bus and missed my lecture. Uni life in a nutshell. It's okay, I'm only paying £9000 a year to go deaf and miss alarms.

But this just means I can do a somewhat appropriate Music Monday this week. I say somewhat because I still need to finish a piece of work due in for tomorrow. Whoops. Seriously, I need to improve at this Uni life cos I am shittles at this very moment in time. Shittles. Yet, we shall forget about my failures briefly and let's Monday, shall we?!

Song I listened to: Gametime:
The sick beats were intense and flowed effortlessly. This genre of music isn't for everyone, but this is a perfect way to get into it; it's cool and not overpowering. A brilliant album that shows how much he has come in his music career! Brilliant!

Robb Murphy
Song I listened to: The Best Decision:
It certainly was the best decision to release this song because it is utterly beautiful. What really strikes you is the nice gentle tones alongside the captivating Percy Robinson, who is on the guitar. A delightfully peaceful start to your Monday that will leave you motivated and empowered!

Tim Turner
Song I listened to: Thinkin' Bout You [Cover]:
What a stunning cover of an already stunning song. His voice comes across so lovely through this song and you can hear every emotion and thought he feels as he effortlessly sings each word. A perfect artist, who is able to turn a cover into something beautiful and I can't wait to hear his original stuff!

Brian Hazard
Song I listened to: Headphones:
Well this was an awesome surprise! I absolutely loved the whole synthpop vibe, along with the EDM and piano beats! The song was catchy and addictive that could easily be played anywhere in the entire world and people would instantly fall  in love and get down to that song! Mondays just got more exciting!

Space March
Song I listened to: It Must Be Obvious [Cover]:
Two synthpop artists for the price of one - oh I like to spice up your Mondays! A wonderful contrast however. The song had a retro vibe that channeled the Pet Shop Boys, who of course are awesome  in their field. I found the song rather inspirational as it progressed throughout and I loved it; what a wonderful addition to my tiring Monday!

Song I listened to: Get Some Scars:
Moving away from synthpop now, let us embrace indie for all its glory. This band made me shiver and really connected with me from the eerie intense start. The song was lively and filled me with such emotion that I don't quite know how to explain. The lyrics were beautiful, which I really want to focus on. For a song to connect with a listener so quickly is a credit to the songwriters, so bravo, guys, this was incredible!

Song I listened to: Young and Beautiful [Cover]:
How does one cover Lana Del Rey and pull it off magnificently? To answer that question, listen to this artist and there you go! It was just as beautifully haunting as the original, which is a credit to her fine vocals and ability to tell a story that differs from Lana herself. A hauntingly stunning cover!

And there you go! A new list of music that should make your Monday sparkle and if not, then maybe it was sparkling already. Well I should prepare for the next lecture because if I miss that too, then I am officially a shittles student. So see you next week for the next list - you bring the music!

Toodles :)

Sunday, 25 January 2015

A Graceful Labour

Happy Sunday, Schneckens!
I'm back in Eltham and I am a tad chilly. Might need to put on my sweatshirt, or my heating. Whatever's easier to be honest. Today was grand because Sibling came home and we went to Nan's to give her some birthday cheer since it's her birthday on Tuesday. Celebrations, woo! Sorry, I've just ate pizza, I am feeling the lurrrve!

Yesterday there was so much lurrrve. Myself and my Asian Mom (Ruby) woke up before the sun had even risen so we could get to Bluewater hella early for the Queen that is Grace Helbig. I woke up at 5am, folks! 5AM! Well, 5:09am because I couldn't hear my alarm.. Oh yeah, my hearing came back this morning. Strange, but wonderful!! Back to yesterday though. So I woke up hella early, got ready quickly and rushed out for the bus. There's a lot of buses at that time, which surprised me. Why can't it always be like that? I got on the bus and I was like 'hey, even though I've only just started trying makeup, now would be an appropriate time to apply eyeliner...' Hahahaha. Oh me! Yes, I tried it and failed spectacularly. I had to give up in the end because I had poked my eye like a million times. Woof. Also, a lot of people argue with the bus driver early in the morning - why can't people just put money on their Oyster cards? It got so annoying that I got off early and hopped on a train for only one stop. Worth it though.

Then Ruby and I met and it was cold, so we got on the DLR so we could get to Stratford International pretty quickly. Still cold, but we had jam and margarine sandwiches that my mom prepared for us. So we ate that as we waited for the train (We had to buy tickets because Oyster cards are non-existent in this place we were going - praise the National Railcard!) My mom was pretty ill, so makeup was required to fix the paleness. Still rocked it better than my botched eyeliner.. The journey was pretty quick, we got to the place and hopped on a bus (which you can pay on!) that took us straight to Bluewater. My goodness it was beautiful when we got there - castles, ducks - the whole shebang! The bridge, on the other hand, was so slippy that we nearly slipped. Ahh, the things we do for Grace!

Now we're inside. Whoa. We were lost. Things were so unclear in there. The maps didn't help at all! We needed to find Waterstones, but that was a challenge in itself. Jeez, it's a good thing we got there early because that would've really delayed things dramatically if we got there later! Eventually we found it and there was about 20 people in front of us. We actually befriended one of them, which was pretty awesome - this fandom is the best kind of fandom! We're like a family, scattered all across the globe that unite in our love for Grace! We had a long wait till the actual signing, but it gave us a time to write her a note, which I brilliantly dictated. First paragraph includes the world famous '#DontfuckthePortugueseGuy' - she gave us tips, I do the same for her! It was so exciting waiting though and chatting to other fans - so much talent around us! I enjoyed spending time with my mom, who was in pain (back pain, long story), but I think the excitement and Tomás made things better for her. Whoa, as it got closer, whoa.


After that, we went to Giraffe and had lunch, I went veggie and had a vegetarian brunch, which was rather nice. Veggie sausages are splendid. By this point, Ruby's back got worse and it looked as if she was in labour. Whilst we were queing, I had to buy her a heat pad that didn't seem to be that effective. So for the rest of our day, I managed to convince everyone around us that she was in labour. It was hilarious - her breathing, the waddling. It's the only silver lining in her pain. Hopefully things should get better soon and it's nothing serious. Send love, folks!

So yes, that was my day yesterday. It was a graceful day.. Geddit?






Toodles :)