Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The Start Of Something Beautiful?

Hey, Schneckens!
Firstly, big thanks to everyone after yesterday's big birthday blog post; so many of you shared the joy with me and it was beautiful! I felt like a proud mommy - my blog is one and we all celebrated; heck, I even had cake! The cake tastes better now than it did last night.. Yes, I'm eating cake already. Sorry, not sorry!

Yesterday night, I celebrated in an unique way; I ate cake and watched The Inbetweeners 2 with a glass of juice. I was all tucked up in bed and I just relaxed, which is something I haven't been able to do recently. Then I watched a whole documentary on Jack the Ripper, indicating that some of my interests are coming back to me! Maybe if it wasn't too late, I could've watched a Russia documentary? Next time! It was a lovely way to spend my night, without getting drunk or awkwardly socialising with everyone around me!


This morning I woke up feeling pretty good. I was meant to be starting CBT today, but the person was ill, so it's been rearranged to the 15th. Even though I haven't done much work today (Whoops!), I have felt pretty good. Even my weird, weird dreams make me feel good. Little side note, my dreams have been freakin' weird recently - is that just a Citalopram thing? So yes, it may be a slow, unadventurous day, but I'm feeling really good. I don't know how long this will last, but I'm enjoying it right now!

Toodles :)

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