Friday, 12 December 2014

Term One At University

Hello, Schneckens!
I'm going home for the holidays tomorrow, which means my parents are picking me up and therefore I have to tidy my room. Hide every bottle of vodka, stash of drugs and condom packets scattered all over the floor. Okay, obviously that's a joke. They're not scattered all over the floor!

So I am now on my holidays and I have completely my first term at University. My response - thank the Lord for the break! The past few weeks have been hella stressful with the impending deadlines and performances - it went well, btw! So I thoroughly enjoyed my lie in today and I can't wait for a couple more in the next few days! Seriously, I have been working non stop trying to get everything completed and I vow that next term I will be way more organised!

Uni has not lived up to my expectations. I thought I would have made loads of friends by now and that I would've let myself go and party a bit. It hasn't been like that. My first few days were so bad that I contemplated suicide! I wasn't ready for such a life changing adjustment and the shocking sense of loneliness really hit me hard. But now I feel okay; yet that may be the meds working their magic. The few friends I have made, however, are really nice and I will focus more on them next term then trying to fit in with folk who perhaps just don't click with me. I realised these last few weeks who I have loads in common with and I wish I got to know them more at the start because they rock - they've given me Christmas cards, chocolates and texted me! Those things make me happy! Plus, I'm still friends with MBG and I have to admit, considering we do two completely different subjects, it makes me happy that I've befriended someone like him; it proves that I am a well rounded person!

So overall, Uni hasn't been a showstopper so far. I'm settling in more and established a routine, but I'm not 100% yet. I think Term Two will over me more though. Got new challenges ahead of me - I am now Queen of Lighting, even though I don't have a clue what to do! Plus, I'm going to focus more on the friendships that matter here and stop trying to force something that simply isn't happening. Also, I'm putting myself first now; it's time to take care of my mind, body and soul.

Here's to the next term!

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Toodles :)

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