Thursday, 11 December 2014

Soon To Be Festively Drunk!

Morning, Schneckens!
Why am I here so early? It's performance day for the first year Drama students and I have had very little sleep. The good news is that I have finished the portfolio and my 10 minute play has been submitted, therefore tonight is the final thing for me to tackle.

I am obviously nervous about this because it is my first official performance after a long ass period of not acting and it's my first performance in Bathway. It is also my first performance where no one that I know is coming to watch me. Yes, people will be watching me; but I have no family or close friends here tonight. It's a shame, but the show must go on. I need to start making my way now because I have a quick lecture at 10am. At least tonight, after my group's little dinner in Spoons and we've performed, I can sleep. I miss sleep; sleep is just perfect. So once tonight is over, I am getting festively hammered with some mulled wine and a few mince pies, then I'm off to bed as soon as I get back to the flat and I'm not getting up until the cows come home. Or I need to pee..

Toodles :)

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