Sunday, 14 December 2014

9 Reasons X Factor Became A Smidgen Better

Helloooo, Schneckens!
I forgot my mouse, so I now have to use the blasted touch thing on the laptop. Goodness sake it's just a long ass hindrance. I just want a mouse to firmly grip onto, it's just not the same anymore!

But yes, hi! Tonight Myself and my mom, Ruby K, with another person, will be attending the X Factor Grand Finale. I still think the show is pretty shit, but I have to admit that it's become better as the show has progressed. Plus, Fleur East is in the final 2 and we gotta support her being a Stow and HFTC gurl! Anyway, without anymore delays, here's why it is now a smidgen better than at the start when I couldn't even be bothered to watch it.

9 Reasons X Factor Became A Smidgen Better:

1. The Shit Acts Are GONE ~ I really don't see the point in them. Stevi Richie was not entertaining, nor funny; in fact he looked like a sad middle age man who was trying to get a cheap laugh, but we all just mocked him and his terrible terribleness. Too harsh?

2. Song Choices Marginally Improved ~ Uptown Funk was a pretty sick song choice and now everyone keeps playing it everywhere I go. Eventually it will soon begin to piss me off, especially as Fleur is singing it again tonight, but hey, she's killing it out there!

3. Cheryl Cole/Fernandez-Versini LOST ~ I just wanted to see that smug smile wiped off that talented, auto tuned, lip sync mouth of hers.

4. Mel B Is Spicing It Up ~ Okay, I just wanted to add a Spice Girls pun, but it is true. She's quite ballsy in what she says, which is always refreshing from Louis' 'You remind me of a young...' comparison thing that has now become tedious after how many years of it.

5. Simon Cowell Is Wearing Suits ~ That white shirt and jean combo makes me want to throw my shoe at the television and punch a shit load of bananas. WHY DO YOU NEED TO WEAR THAT OVER AND OVER AGAIN?!

6. That Jake Guy Went Into The Jungle ~ Am I the only one that finds it funny that he got eliminated hella quickly, went into the jungle, came second and is back in time for the final? At least he kept himself busy eating balls and stuff..

7. The Age References Has Toned Down ~ At the start, the amount of times we were reminded that Lauren Platt was only 17 was starting to wear thin. What, you didn't know? Yes, she's 17 believe it or not. We also don't care..

8. Louis Walsh Just Being Louis ~ Never change, good sir, never change!

Aaaaaand finally, 9. Fleur East ~ Let's face it, she's pretty much been the standout this whole series. If she doesn't win (even though Ben Haenow has a rockin' sexy voice!) something's gone a tad wrong..

Okay, that's it. Have I been won over by the show yet? No. Should've ended years ago, but here we are and I'm going tonight. So.. Yeah.

Toodles :)

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