Saturday, 8 November 2014

Unleashing My Inner Beast

Hello, Schneckens.
I think I have a cold. Drats. It's not totally surprising given how exhausted my body is. Oh, how it is tired. Hopefully a hot chocolate can soothe things. I had once last night, watching television, with my flatmates and that was nice. It made me feel good, which is a nice thing to say.

Today I was a tad pissed because I was meant to go to Spoons with Ruby. But for whatever reason, she wasn't there and I haven't heard from her. Therefore, I had to eat on my own, which looks tragic when you read it and I'm certain folk thought I had been stood up. Yet when I was there on my own, it didn't bother me too much. I mean, that burger was just lovely. I'm probably going to stop eating so much crap now that the vouchers are soon expiring..

Now that beast I mentioned in the title... I had the worst bus journey. EVER. Firstly, the buses are meant to come every 10 minutes - this one took 20. It was cold out and by the time the bus came, loads of people got on it. I had to stand in the corner of the bus, by the door, which wasn't too bad. I mean, the constant bumpiness on the road was irritating, but soothing at the same time. It was about halfway into the journey when I wanted to throw folk out of the window. There was a kid that just kept screaming and then there was a kid that stood by me and just wouldn't stop moving. Why are you moving so much?! It's a bus, just stand there as it takes you to your destination. Oh god, then a woman had her phone on speaker and didn't realise. It was loud. So. Very. Loud. It was like they were shouting on the bus. Then the bus took FOREVER just to move a smidgen. Where did that traffic appear from?! People literally got off the bus and walked because it was taking too long - as did I. Only one thing could make that journey even more unbearable and that would be rain... Yep, it rained. Great.

That made me veeeeeery crabby, so a burger was needed. I also needed a strong drink, but the voucher only covers beer and I don't like beer. Oh well.

Toodles :)

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