Friday, 28 November 2014

Saucy Friday: Relationships + Mental Health

Sup, Schneckens!
Early morning post because I am in a library. Yes, I am in fact that cool kid that gets up early to ensure that her work can be completed before a certain time. Woo, fun times for me. My voice is very sarcastic sometimes, when I don't intend to be. Ah, naturally sarcastic voice; how thee bites one in thy arse. Good news though, I now know how to use the printers here. Fiaaaaaaaaaaaanlly.

Well, since I'm up early, I might as well do an old feature here on this blog, which will soon turn one! Remember Saucy Friday? I stopped because I was running out of things to write about - and I didn't want to come across as sexual to potential romantic interests, but that changed and here I am. I am is also an Hollywood Undead song, which is pretty awesome. They're in London tomorrow. Aaaaahhhhhhh! Anyway, back to this. Saucy Friday will make its return for today and it shall be about relationships and mental health because that is something I can totally get down to. Kinda. I need to be in a relationship, but whatevs. Happy being forever alone atm. Kinda. Not really. I get cake though. Eating problems away. Kinda. Bananas.

Being in a relationship is already draining; you got all those insecurities, fears and all that jazz, so adding mental health into it is a total different ball game. When your partner doesn't reply to that text straight away, you're tinged with fear that something has gone wrong, sending you into a powerful sense of anxiety and worry that your relationship is now quickly going down the pooper. Or the sickly feeling that comes along with the idea of going out on a date, which is more than just pre-date nerves and is more the fear of being in public or making a fool of yourself in front of your partner. Or those moments of self loathing when you look at yourself in the mirror and you instantly hate what you see and believe that you are inadequate for your partner and that they will surely leave you for someone 'prettier'. Or those days when you just feel incredibly low and simply cannot handle the idea of doing anything and you just want to stay in bed, creating the concerns that your partner will resent you for your inability to get out of bed and leave you.

Yes, these are fears that couples will surely face, but there is an extreme intense feeling when mental health is in the equation. It can be exhausting and sometimes it can be hard for the partner to be around. Not because you're the bad person, just because it is hard to watch someone you love in such a difficult state. You may start to feel like a burden. But rest assured, you are not a burden. It's okay to feel not okay and you are never alone when living with mental health.

Toodles :)

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