Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sad Kitty

Sometimes I am happy. Sometimes I am sad. Most of the time I am sad. I can't really post today because it's just one of those days, but here is a picture of me smiling just to encourage everyone and here is what I said on my Facebook page:

    I always discuss mental health because I believe that talking about it is a step closer to reducing the stigma around it. It's never for pity or for attention because if I wanted that, I'd go on stage and do a performance. Recently I was diagnosed with Depression. It hasn't been an easy adjustment starting University. Although I have met wonderful people here, like my flatmates, my Drama group and even the occasional mysterious guy on the bus, I just couldn't feel happy. It like it was always raining and I never had an umbrella, so I got soaked and felt cold. I would lie in my bed and sleep for most of the day, not wanting to do anything because I didn't see a point; I was physically and mentally torturing myself. It was only until I didn't want to do Drama anymore that I realised I needed help. So I did. Now I'm on medication, and whilst the side effects are exhausting me, I do feel more positive. Basically, if you're feeling down, please talk to someone. I wish I did it sooner. Because now that I'm getting the help I need, I can start living the Uni life that I always wanted. Thank you x

    Toodles :) 

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