Monday, 24 November 2014

Music Monday [Mommy Music 2]

Hi Schneckens!!
Ruby the Asian Mom here. How you doing? It's been a long time since I have spoken to you. You good? I'm glad someone is; I've been going crazy over uni and well just needing a break from all the essays and stuff - I am writing Music Monday this week. So lets get down to some music eh.

My quick addition! Hi, Schneckens! I have a hella busy day today, got the opera; doctors; job interview and it seemed nearly impossible to do a Music Monday. So my Mom said she'll do it for me and that is awesome. I'm gonna check out the music, so you should too! See you next week for the next list - you bring the music!

Adam French
Song I listened to: Ivory:
This song very chill but also really bipolar, can I say that about a song? oh well here is my justification one second the melody is nice and easy on the ears then two hot seconds later it’s a harsh dissonant melody. There is no consistent flow, however I do like that no matter the backing track is doing Adams French really compliments it, and that’s a quality most artists can only dream of. Also this guy is did a tour of Africa and that’s just pretty cool.

Kaitlyn Alexander
Song I listened to: Please Don’t Say You Love Me (Gabrielle Aplin cover):
So you guys may know her from the web series that I’m slightly obsessed with Carmilla (yes it’s show about a female vampire it’s so much more than that, but it’s way better than Twilight and the book is amazing so don’t judge me), but who knew that LaFontaine could sing and with such a delicate song as Please Don’t Say.. I mean my feels are already high from the last episode of Carmilla but this just about tips the feels over. Her voice handles the song with a passion, leaving just enough emphasis on the guitar to not overpower it. I'm hoping Silas gets haunted by a musical poltergeist at some point in the potential Season 2 and you guys end up singing for an episode.

Song I listened to: Cool Kids
Love the song and the beat it makes you wanna dance, but I wouldn't want to be like the 'cool kids', I mean you should be yourself, not like the 'cool kids'. If yourself is being a cool kid then be one. Be true to yourself. But here is a summary of how I fell in love with song The first time I heard this song I was like this beat is sick, the second time, I paid attention to the chorus’ lyrics, then when I got home, I googled it and listened to all the words and started was mind blown. So thanks Echosmith.

Em Harriss
Song I listened to: One Night Stand:
For starters go buy her EP Year: 2277 here:
The instrumentation of this song is amazing and fits well with the tone of the song. I’m not sure about the synth chord at the end but I can forgive that for truthful lyrics. I for one can’t wait for her album to come out. 

Song/vine I listened to: Ping pong beats (Mr Probz - Waves)
I don’t know why but I found this just absolutely genius idea. I mean it’s Ping Pong Balls doing the beats Waves. PING. PONG. BEATS

So that's Music Monday done Schneckens!! I now have to love and leave you as I now attempt to write an essay that just not working right now. YAYAY UNI IS FUN!!!!

Toodles :)

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