Monday, 3 November 2014

Music Monday [Pork Chop]

Hello, Schneckens!
It is Monday and it's a tad gloomy outside. I mean, the rain, the damp, the darkness. It's definitely not summer. I should probably invest in a coat soon.

So, I'm good. Had a bus journey with the one and only Mystery Bus Guy, which was hella fun. He might be reading this, so if he is, "Hi!" And if not, still "Hi!" to all you other, just as important, folk. I mean, you guys are fly, which we already knew. Anyway, I just ate dinner, so I'm ready to go. Let's Monday, shall we?!

Song I listened to: Explosions:
Their new single really is an explosion of rock and lively vibes that is sure to add a spark of excitement into your lives. The instruments are wonderful, as are the lyrics. When you hear those lyrics sung with such a delightful voice, you can't help but feel good. Sublime!

Billy Boguard
Song I listened to: Chronos (Live at ULU Music Studios):
Hearing this was a privilege because it was so raw and so powerful; you could hear every emotion in his voice as he sung it with so much determination. I loved it and it really connected with me, which is always key for the artist and audience relationship.

Nikki Jumper
Song I listened to: Amnesia (5SOS Cover):
When you listen to a cover, it's hard to compare it to the original. I haven't got this problem since I have not heard the original. Listening to it meant that I had to preconceived judgements about how it should be performed and as a result I loved it. It was sweet, gentle and had a sense of vulnerability. It was incredibly endearing and a credit to the original (I'm assuming!)

Francesco Yates
Song I listened to: When I Found You:
Those soulful vocals and the sick beats were addictive and I couldn't help but become hooked on this song. At one point, the vocals channeled Michael Jackson - in the chorus - and it was incredible. This song is cool and intense; a winning combo that you need to listen to. We have found greatness, folks!

George Ducas
Song I listened to: Cow Town:
The title instantly enticed me. I love a good ol' bit of country and this had all the greatness of country wrapped into such a quick sample. I loved the feel good vibe and I'm certainly going to listen to the whole song! Amazing!

Fire Tiger
Song I listened to: Energy:
It may be an old song, but it still has all the right amounts of energy to keep the momentum going! I am dancing along and getting down to such a lively song. A great addition to the Monday lifestyle! This should be the anthem to every Monday!

The Y Axes
Song I listened to: Sunglasses and Solar Flares:
"We are not the future of pop music, we are pop music from the future" - How can you NOT fall in love with a band as cool as this?! They have a lovely vibe to them, which they effortlessly showcase through their futuristic beats and fly lyrics. I am in love! But they knew that already since they're from the future!

And that's it, folks! Girl's gotta have a shower or fall asleep. Can't do both for health and safety reasons. See you next week for the next list - you bring the music!

Toodles :)

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