Friday, 21 November 2014

Mummy/Mommy Chats

Hello, Schneckens!
There is only an hour left of this day, so let's be quick, shall we?

Firstly, I cut all ties with the "sex god"; I kinda accepted that I don't really need a fool like that because I'm doing okay in my life now. I mean, yeah, I never liked him - I just wanted him for a cheap sexual thrill, or something less exciting and realistic!

Secondly, I met up with my Asian mom, Ruby K, and we had a Big Mac. It was so good and we mainly discussed my ability to calculate how long someone had been pregnant for, yet unable to work out when I drunkenly ordered condoms and bananas. What a strange combo..

Finally, my mother and I pretty much bonded like there was no tomorrow. It was really special. Spoke to her about all the men in my life, my battles with mental health and my hopes for the future. It was a lovely evening as I helped her with her work. Ah, this is what I miss when I'm at the flat - my mum. I love my mum so much when I'm there, so I really value these weekends.

Well I'm off. Going to Nottingham tomorrow to see Sibling!

Toodles :)

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