Saturday, 1 November 2014

Let Me Bite Your Neck

Hi, Schneckens!
I went to Spoons with Tanaka today and enjoyed a beautiful, 

juicy sausage. Beautiful, I say. Not as great as previous Spoon meals, but the experience was lovely. I love spending time with Tanaka because we always have weird and deep conversations that I'm sure folk around would be interested in. More on that tomorrow!

Yesterday, what happened? Well, dressed as a sexy vampire - hey, the only night where biting necks is totally acceptable - I went clubbing with fellow fancy dressed folk. The vodka was being poured down my throat like the blood that a vampire would effortlessly devour, losing a sense of time and motion in my lower body. Before I knew it I was shaking my glorious behind and getting down with the most mysterious man that my hungry eyes had ever laid on. Taking him in the corner, I stuck my teeth in his awe inspiring neck and took what was rightfully mine - as the vampire that I was. His soul. I tasted everything up could possibly taste as I explored his neck with my tongue; watching him quiver as his soul was engulfed by me. The music continued to blade in the room and he was now mine. He was soulless. Lifeless. It was truly the day of the dead.

And a complete lie. Because of unplanned circumstances, one ended up in Brixton and can't remember much of the night. I didn't do any of that though. Vodka is waaaaay to expensive to be wasting it on acts like that.

Toodles :)

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