Thursday, 20 November 2014

How To Ride A Bus [Part II]

Hey, Schneckens!
I missed the bus today and there's no way I am going to walk into my lecture late, so I didn't go in. Shit, good girl gone bad. Whooooaaa. Nah, I'm still good; I just didn't want to go to a lecture late because it would make me feel worse than not going it. At least here I can be productive; so productive in fact that I have tidied my room. It was a death trap before this.

I rode a public bus though to get home and my goodness it was awful. So here are some quick tips on how to ride a bus. Again.

How To Ride A Bus [Part II]:

1. Make room for easy movement down the bus ~ Standing in the centre, with a huge ass bag, talking to you mates it torture for us folk who have places to go, instead of being lazy furks who can't walk to the high street, which is a stop away.. So get out of the way. Move down the bus. Stand AWAY from the door!

2. Take your bag off ~ If it is a huge backpack on a busy day, take it off so more room can be made on the bus. Plus, less chances of being hit a million times with that turtle shell of yours!

3. Accept when there's no room ~ If the bus is packed, you simply can't get on. Trying to sneak on through the back is pointless and standing in front of the bus is just ignorant. Face it - it's a busy day and there is no room on this bus!

Okay, just a quicken today because I am still traumatized from that awful journey. Ahhhhhhh.

Toodles :)

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