Sunday, 30 November 2014

El Urgencia

Sup, Schneckens!
I went to see Hollywood Undead last night, at the O2 Academy in Brixton, and it was so furking amazing! Brilliant set (no, it didn't include El Urgencia, I just really like that song atm!) So yes, it was pretty amazing and Funny Man live is just hella dope. Seriously. His voice certainly had most of the women's panties drop to the floor! Going to a live performance gave a buzz that I want to experience again and again. Cough. S Club 7.

Anyway, moving on. El Urgencia means 'urgency'. Impressed? No? Fine. If you haven't worked out yet, today is the last day of November, which means that December is just a heartbeat away; as is the birthday of the blog; Christmas and 2015. Anyone else freaking out? The fact that Christmas is 25 days away? Shit, I have assessments due in soon. SHIT. IT'S NEARLY A NEW YEAR. Sorry, that's a lot of shit and not enough bread. I ate bread a moment ago. I earned it, dawg.

I am feeling odd at the moment - and no, it's not because I left the meds in the flat (whoops!) I realised recently that I never got over the whole note thing and during my drunken show, I made my futile desires (is that a correct way to describe it?) very much evident. I have a lot of futile desires right now. As I listen to more Hollywood Undead songs, I realise how I have fully indulged in the bad, sexual kinky persona that has expanded over the year. I mean, listening to their cover of Shout To The Devil, I'm just like 'yeah, this is pretty much me. Give me that "sex god" for a quickie and it'll make up for the desperately unstable love I wanted from him.' There is certainly an urgency there. The urgency to get better and move on, or at least get over the thirsty stage for a piss poor bad boy..

Okay, this post has just been a way for me to channel HU vibes. So listen to Christmas in Hollywood and I'll see you later for story time. By story time, I mean what I did on Friday because it was hilarious!

Toodles :)

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