Thursday, 13 November 2014

Doing Touristy Stuff In London

Why hello there, Schneckens!
I'm feeling a tad groggy. The side effects of these antidepressants have certainly got me now and I've been experiencing nausea and headaches all day. Nonetheless, as everyone keeps saying, it's just my body responding to the changes and I got to keep being strong. I got an email from my Zoella last night and it genuinely made me smile. She, as well as everyone else, believes that I can overcome this and I think that they're right.

So what did I do today? Well, with my Drama class I went to the Royal Opera House in Covert Garden. Getting there was quite nice because I was joined by two of my classmates, who are both very lovely. One lives with Mystery Bus Guy, so that's always fun. Yep, still calling him that. Won't ever change. Never. So it was nice to have folk to talk to on the way and whilst I was groggy, they did help me take my mind of the sickness, so thanks - even though they probably won't read this since they know nothing of this blog! I should probably tell people..

Eventually, after a quick train change, we made it to the Royal Opera House and everyone was in a good mood. As I was going through the revolving door thing, I kinda whacked my foot, causing me to explicitly shout in Russian. One person in my class was impressed by that and I think I have now struck a new friendship. A friendship over Russia. Woo. The tour was pretty good. I was feeling dizzy, but I actually learned a lot from it and I think I might go see an opera performance. I mean, if I can get a reaaaaaaally cheap ticket. Just maybe..

After that we were free, so I became a tourist. Granted, not Joey from Friends tourist - although I really wanted to. I went walking all around Covert Garden and Leicester Square, taking pictures of everything I saw. I watched a street performer and he really changed how I view things. He's doing a job that pays very little, yet he loves doing it. It's kinda like that Alan Watts video. Seeing him do something he loved really inspired me. Life may be tough, but doing something you love makes the hard times more easier. I thanked him. He doesn't know why. But I did. Since starting Uni, I have struggled to find a place where I am happy in myself. Drama makes me happy and I love making people happy; so being a Drama teacher is definitely something I want to do.





Toodles :)

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