Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Hi, Schneckens.
Or most appropriately - Happy Birthday to my Sibling and my Asian Mom! Yes, there are birthdays in the world, so let us sing/rap all the birthday songs and eat cake. Lots of cake. I want cake..

Today was a good day because it was so freakin' weird. I told my Drama group about the blog - will they read it? Probably not. Oh well! But we did exchange in several "sexy" moments, which involved me making a move on one. It was funny running my hand over a guy's thigh. The activity was pretty fun and although I felt isolated at times, I'll just blame the anxious thoughts - I've been reading CBT things for Social Anxiety and this is just negative thoughts taking control.

Anyway, November is a month, so let's see what I already like about the month that is the month before Christmas.. Whoa..


1. Mystery Bus Guy ~ Well obviously! After his appearance in September, he is back. This time I know who he is and I think he is a lovely guy. Is he still a 'mystery' though since we're friends (can I say we're friends?) Yes. He will always be Mystery Bus Guy!

2. Ginger Nuts ~ 3 for £1?! And they were pretty big packets. I have the jackpot and it was the greatest damn achievement ever. Noms all round!

3. Hollyoaks ~ Now that I have a television, I find myself watching it occasionally. I still don't like The Big Bang Theory, but I do like Hollyoaks. It's my guilty pleasure/trash tv. This Sienna story line is weird as fudge, but terrific acting from her!

4. Epic Rap Battles of History ~ Season 4 is upon us and the first two episodes have been INCREDIBLE. Yesterday's (Romeo and Juliet vs Bonnie and Clyde) has shot its way up as one of my favourites because it is so freakin' awesome!

5. Wowcher ~ I'm using this now. Already bought a ton of Christmas presents. There is everything a human being could want on this...even four bullet vibrators (no, I didn't take it, sadly!)

6. LifeAccordingToJimmy ~ It was the '50 Shades of Blacked' video which won me over. So hilarious and miles better than the original. MILES BETTER.

7. Chocolate Milk ~ The kid in me loves the craziness of milk, whilst the adult in me loves the calcium. And the craziness of the milk. IT'S CHOCOLATE, FOLKS.

8. The Royal Opera House ~ Not just for pretentious middle aged, upper class, white folk. Myself and the Drama class went on a backstage tour and I actually want to watch a performance! It's hella expensive though, so maybe not now.. Not now.

9. Covert Garden ~ It's all festive there and since I haven't been there for a while, it was good to to just walk around and explore such a brilliant place like a lil tourist.

10. Street Performers ~ Never fully watched one before, but this one street performer really opened my eyes and made me realise that you should do something that you love and nothing else. Really inspiring guy!

11. Charli XCX ~ Boom Clap is a pretty awesome song, which I only listened to this month. Ah, The Fault In The Stars must be on its way..

12. Everything5pound ~ It's the only site where you can get a little black dress and killer heels for £5 each. Sure, I look like a hooker, but I'm pretty sexy..

13. Time To Talk ~ I really needed a lot of professional help this past month and Time To Talk provided me with information and support that I needed. Really opened my eyes about what I can do and what I need to do.

14. Scrotum Recall ~ That show about Chlamydia. It was hilarious and had Daniel Ings in it, which is even more amazing!


16. Jessie Ware ~ Say You Love Me was a perfect song. Her voice is also pretty perfect. Ahh, bliss!

17. M&M World ~ Never been there before, but on my first visit, I got to meet the stars and just had a jolly good time being a super awesome tourist!

Aaaaaand finally, 18. This Cow That Jumped Over The Moon ~ Eh, sorta.

This cow who thought she could jump over the moon.

And that's my list. Next month will be the month of Christmas and the LAST FUCKING MONTH OF 2014. MY BLOG WILL BE ONE YEARS OLD. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO TIME?!

Toodles :)

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