Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Types of Halloween-Goers

Hey, Schneckens.
The weather is oddly summery. Well, there's sun and that's usually associated with summer, right? I went to the library today and getting in was complicated. You know those barricade things that you push? Well, I used my card correctly, just for the wrong one. It was hella embarrassing. So I didn't want to face any more embarrassment, so I left with zero books. I also went shopping and I bought those potato smiley faces things; they have made me happier than a cat that could a nice tub of yoghurt. I like yoghurt.

So, Halloween is upon us and I don't see the point of it, but loads of folk do. Therefore, expect to see these types of Halloween-Goers. Oooh, spooky!

Types of Halloween-Goers:

The Kid ~ The actual kid that actually sees a point in this night, who will either dress up as their favourite character; trick or treat (which is just a terrible, terrible invention) or use it as an excuse to eat shit. But it's cool, they're kids; they can pull off this.

The Kid At Heart ~ As the years have gone on, youth is no longer your friend, but you refuse to accept that. Instead, you still do all the shit above, claiming it's for the younger sibling or whatever, when really it's for you.

The Uni Students ~ It's a night to get beyond pissed. BEYOND. PISSED. MY LIVER HURTS JUST THINKING ABOUT IT.

The Non-Uni Students, But Can Drink Legally ~ Hey, non uni students do it as well. All the drinking games, themed of course, the food. The parties. Oh, the parties. How I am never invited to them, which perhaps explains my hatred to this day.

The Inappropriate ~ Dressing up is expected, right? Well, these folk *cough* mainly females *cough* use it as a time to dress in the skimpiest clothes imaginable. A slutty nurse, really? What is this, a cheap, low budget porno. Ha, aren't most pornos cheap and low budget?

The Bey n Jay Z ~ Couples that dress up as couples. Standard, really. Hella annoying though.

The Spooky Spoons ~ Hook up, drunk, as elves and witches. Never again.

The Drunk Witch ~ Making spells with vodka and tonic. Do I like vodka and tonic? I need to find out..

Aaaaaand finally, The Goblin ~ They hate this day and everything about it. Still do shit though. Still do shit.

So that's all I got. I think I based some of these things on Mean Girls, or at least tried. Life is really like Mean Girls..

Toodles :)

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