Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Truth About Being A First Year Uni Student

Hello, Schneckens!
Happy Sunday to you all; I'm back in my flat and I've just ate dinner. My father cooked some sausages for me and mother gave me some homemade coleslaw for me to enjoy - and I did! By the process of time, it appears to be my 4th week here, therefore, I have been at University for a month. How do I feel about that? I don't actually know..

Before I moved out and started my course, I had the impression that University life was a big ol' party, where you were bombarded by people - drunk or sober - who would filter through people to find their eventual friends. I thought that there would be the option to squander my student finance on something ridiculous, or at least something I desired, but didn't possibly need. I honestly believed that there was the chance that I could accidentally become a floozy if I accidentally said or did something that sounded/appeared suggestive! Yet, from my experience, none of this happened. My first night I went to a few flat parties, but even with the amount of drunk folks, little seemed to give a shit about my presence and even those who socialised around the room, it wasn't what I expected - it wasn't any of this 'where'd you come from?', 'why here?' etc kinda thing. There was 'what you studying?', but even then, it didn't live up to my expectations. Jumping a point, my jokey fear I'd be a floozy. The amount of things I read about females who weren't allowed to be graced with endless amounts of men becoming floozies within the first few days of freshers week. Well, it didn't - not because I stayed true to myself (which I did), it was simply because there wasn't the opportunity. Then student finance.. Oh boy. I am barely surviving. Obviously, no one will let me live in some form of poverty, but when you hear these stories about first years wasting it on televisions and takeaways etc, I just sit there confused. I didn't have the option. Once my termly rent was paid, I had very little money to play with.

I've discussed the psychological strains University has brought to my existence at the current moment in time, but I never really say what it's like beyond that. Uni life is really hard, especially when you've just come out of sixth form/college. You're so used to being safeguarded by your teachers and peers around you, heck, even the building, but at Uni, it's your money, your choice. You somehow become lazy, telling yourself that you'll do it later, when in reality, later never/rarely comes. Then there's the whole social aspect of it. You simply don't have the money to live out the lives you see on television. Once the rent is paid, you've got barely anything left. Shopping becomes a new skill because you don't only have to look at prices, you need to think about longevity, what you can do with it and if you really need it. We all want those turkey numbers, but do we need it? No. But things like pasta, bread, rice - all things that last and can get a reasonable prices. Homesickness is also a real thing and can hit you at any point. We don't want to accept that we miss our strict, parent led lives, but we miss the stability that comes with it. You miss that hug only a parent can give you. You're surrounded by strangers, no matter how much you try to sugarcoat it at the beginning. You just want your parent to hug you and tell you everything's going to be alright because, and this is the truth about being a first year university student, you simply don't know if you will be okay.

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