Thursday, 9 October 2014


Hello, Schneckens!
I'm back in Walthamstow... again! I'm here for some clubbing and free food; and to watch Bake Off. Okay, mainly for Bake Off. No spoilers!

I want to do a quick post this evening because I am knackered from travelling. Yesterday I received treatment after my catastrophic meltdown. One day I will explain what happened, but at the moment the wounds are still too fresh and I'm simply not ready to open up about the extent of my mental state. But yes, yesterday my flatmate went to find me some professional help and although I never asked him to, I am so grateful that he did. I really needed to speak to someone, particularly a professional, about what is going on in my head at the moment. It wasn't easy and on reflection, I'm aware that I scared a lot of people with my startling behaviour. Finally getting to talk to someone really made me feel a lot more positive and I have gone two days without self harming. I also feel a lot more happy at the moment and actually feel like I am part of a close group of people, particularly in Drama. So whilst it's early days, I am getting help now and I am opening up to people about how I am feeling; last night I had my longest ever conversation since starting University because I felt secure in the environment.

So it is early days; but everyday is a new day and a chance to make good of something. Here's a smiling cat and I'll see you tomorrow!

Toodles :)

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