Friday, 24 October 2014

Saucy Friday: Keep Your Hat On

Hello, Schneckens!
I am in my Greenwich flat with the son and mom. In other words, the Rubies are here! Ahhh, joy! But I'll talk more about that on Sunday, obvs.

So, last week I moaned a lot about the price of condoms and the moaning still continues. I mean, why do they need to be that expensive? Surely if they were cheaper that would benefit everyone, right? If they're affordable, then folk will buy them, use them and safe sex will happen all through the night...or afternoon; basically, whenever you're having sexy time. I am still in shock that they cost up to £16.50. Sure, they're probably the really fancy types, but still, if I want to experience great pleasure, safely, do I really need to pay that much?

Also, flavours - what's the point? Well, the obvious answer is, well, you know. But during oral sex, it's rare that someone uses a condom. People tend to just go without and that sparks the whole 'spit or swallow' debate, which I'm sure I'll discuss one day. Maybe drunk though.. Like, fun fact, flavoured condoms, when used vaginally, can cause a yeast infection. Yep, well, when used excessively. Can condoms be used excessively? Not the same one of course! But yeah, if you use flavoured condoms during vaginal sex, it can cause yeast infections, which aren't sexy. So yeah, you ponder that. I'm sure folk do use them during oral sex - it probably cuts out the whole 'spit, swallow' etc etc. So enjoy the taste - whatever you are doing! Just stay safe and do what makes you feel comfortable!

Use a condom. Stay safe. Seriously. You know why. I have no time to explain in detail. Bananas.

Toodles :)

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