Monday, 13 October 2014

Music Monday [Metaphorically Stoned]

I'm hella tired, Schneckens, so a happy Monday to you!

And back to the room. I am furking exhausted - so exhausted in fact that I just awoke from a 4 hour nap and I had previously napped during my lectures. Yes. I slept during a motherfucking lecture. Gawd's sake. So let's keep this intro short and let's Monday, shall we?

Stage Republic
Song I listened to: Us Against The Rest:
The intensely funky, alternative vibe makes it hard to pinpoint an exact genre for this fine artist, but fear not. You will fall in love with this song on the first listen, bopping along to the delightful lyrics and sublime vocals. Wonderful!

Khari Mateen
Song I listened to: Best Time Ever:
What a delightfully cheerful song! As you already know, I was knackered, but listening to this song, I feel alive and awake. And happy! The song is so infectious and you can't help but smile when you hear this. The beat is just perfect, along with the lyrics. Truly was the best time ever!

Gabbie Rae
Song I listened to: Scream:
This woman has a divine rock vocal that outshines most singers and it is always a privilege and a joy to listen to her music. I was blown away by those guitar riffs and those rocking drums; not forgetting her lyrics that emit power from the very beginning. If you're not listening to this song yet, I will scream at you - and not in the good way!

Trophy Eyes
Song I listened to: White Curtains:
The song of their debut album and after listening to it, I am certain that it will be a successful album that was easily please listeners all around. Listening to the song, I was struck by the sheer power and might and it was a wonderful wake up for me - truly spectacular!

Wonderful Humans
Song I listened to: Worth Your While:
The intensity at the start engaged you so you simply didn't want to leave. It all felt enigmatic and enchanting. Imagine walking in a field of flowers, on a rainy day, with the sun on its way, good. Yes, it was that amazing. The song has left me speechless. The vocals, the lyrics, the beat - all perfect. Thank you, definitely worth the while!

The Halfways
Song I listened to: The Carousel:
The psychedelic vibe makes you feel like you've gone to a better, more musically gifted place. It all feels 60s and it so chilled back that you can't help but love it. Certainly a dark horse in the music world that can easily beat the rest!

Aaron Fleming
Song I listened to: Thinking Out Loud [Cover]:
Now, it might be a bit hard for me... I've not heard the original! Ah, shocker, I know! But if it's nothing like this, then I don't want to hear it! Aaron Fleming has the vocals that I love more than any vocal in the world - it sends shivers down my spine. If you're looking for a good vocalist, this is the man for you, because when you hear him so stripped back, you literally have just found perfection and you never look back again. Stunning!

Okay, now it's best I get going. Like, I am still tired and I have a workshop tomorrow. Oh, I just want to stay in my comfy bed! So see you next week for the next list - you bring the music!

Toodles :)

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