Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Day Of The Dead

Hey, Schneckens!
I'm going to be quick today because I want to switch this device off and save energy. It's getting really tight here and it's sorta like a grim insight into my future. My god it is depressing in this room with NO light. Yep, won't turn my light on. Sad times.

Anyway, yesterday and today as been freakin' awesome! Yesterday, without a shadow of a doubt, was the greatest day I have had at University so far! I mentioned things briefly yesterday, like my lecturer liking my play idea and doing a sick Russian accent, to my presentation actually being a success, despite the fact it hadn't been rehearsed! Woo, winging it! I was already in a chirpy mood when I got to my morning lecture and the mood just stayed high all day. Then it happened. Remember when I mentioned 'Mystery Bus Guy'? The guy who I have seen on the free bus a few times, and the first time the light shone on him, as Paolo Nutini played in the background and we both exchanged in smiles? Well, I have unmasked him. Yes, I now know his identity - we have spoken in person and online! Holy camel balls! I'm sure many of you hopeless romantics hope something happens, purely because that would be an epic story to tell, but after the whole 'Note Gate', it's best I stay away from any romantic ideas and let whatever happen, happen. Basically, although I think he is hella cute and lovely, I won't do anything too quickly and it will all be my decision on what happens. I have learnt a lot from Note Gate and I'm not going to throw away a potential friendship because I may want something more. Okay?

Good, now onto some more awesomes. Hollywood Undead. Yes, their new track 'Day of the Dead' is so fucking amazing! From the usual epic lyrics, to the divine rock/rap/dark vocals from Charlie Scene to the feeling off completely satisfaction. For god's sake, listen to this, motherfucker!

Oh yeah, today was also a good day. I was still on a high and we were reading Lysistrata. Aww, I have missed this so much! It's like the smut never left. Although, there were times when discussing the play, I would look around, trying to find Ruby, Alanta, Eliana, Zoe, Tyrell etc (I could name all of you, but I will most likely cry) But they're not here. It's sad, but I'm happy to be doing what I love and that they are too!

Toodles :)

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