Sunday, 26 October 2014


Hi, Schneckens!
I'm back in the flat and I am having a serious hypo right now. Here's a fact about me that may be pretty obvious to regular readers: I can't cook in front of people, nor do I find it easy to eat in front of others, especially when I consider a meal to be 'carbalicious' or if the people around me are extremely healthy/slim. So all I want is to eat some rice to get my blood sugar levels rising, but I've been in there too many times now. This could end in tragedy..

But fear not, eventually I will have to eat something. Surely they must realise that people eat, right? I will eat something soon. I need to. I have had insulin for a meal. Not a snack, a meal. Till then, I guess I can go back to Friday. It was such a glorious day. I took Ruby F to Greenwich and we went to Spoons. My god, the sausages were hella huge. As were the burgers. Beautiful though, every inch of it. Every ounce. Stunning. Then Ruby K came along and we went on a magical journey on the campus, where we shook it like we ain't a hoe, which obviously means Tinky Winky style. Obvs. With this in mind, I took them to Avery Hill, on the public bus, where it had emerged that we were naturally high. So high. In my flat, we were singing Wonderwall, eating ham and chocolate and doing magical things with my hair. We also kept singing Bang Bang - that song with Jessie J. Also, Ruby F is the only person who can completely understand Ariana Grande. Amazing stuff right there. So then time flew like a bird and we had to go back to the Stow, where i discovered that kids these days don't know who Jack the Ripper is and that George Clooney is not scary.. Huh.

Maybe the pictures will make more sense.





Toodles :)

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