Sunday, 19 October 2014

ALL The Sausages

Ha, I don't know, Schneckens. I ate all the banana sweets in the hope of starting my extreme diet tomorrow. Well, it probably won't be extreme. But expect some de ja vu moments... ah, remember the diet days!

I'm back at the flat and I am already fed up. When I sit on the bus, I instantly get low when it nears my stop. I like it here, don't get me wrong, it's nice, it's just it's not home..

Speaking of home, let's rewind to Friday, shall we? Yeah, might as well. So I went to see my Asian mom, Ruby K, at her University zone - Fulham. The journey was pretty fun because I thought some guy was coming onto me... he wasn't. Oh well! It was also fun because I saw a vicar and vicars always make me smile when I see them on public transport - I don't know why though! So once I got to Fulham Broadway, I entered the shopping centre because that's how you enter this place. I went into Wilkinson as I waited for Ruby and just browsed at stuff in the shop. It suddenly dawned on me that condoms are hella expensive. Like, the good brands, not the home brands. No one wants £2.00 Wilko home brand condoms that say 'feel me' on it. But the good ol' Durex was reaching new highs of £16.50.. Obviously I'm assuming that it was some extra thin, extra pleasurable masterpiece, but seriously? £16.50? Do you want me to get an STI? Or pregnant? Have condoms always been this expensive? I don't buy condoms anymore, I let the guy deal with that shit thank you very much. Your dick, you pay. Sorry, this has just been a rant on condoms now - I wasn't intending to buy any, just came across them and was taken aback by their prices. Am I still young enough to get them free?

Moving on, so I then met up with my mom and it was amazing. She wanted to show me the Chelsea football ground and maaan it was hella funny. None of us like football, but I turned it into a little drama game. Hehe. After our little fun and games, we went to Spoons and we ate ALL the sausages. Oh my god, it was actually perfect - we both had the BBQ gourmet hot dog, with chips and onion rings. Nom. With a drink included. Double nom. We were hella stuffed afterwards. So the best way to work off that sausage was going to a couple of museums. Getting on the tube, we went to South Kensington and had fun in the National History Museum. We did some quizzes and we pressed so many buttons; even went in an earthquake simualation room. It was a bit shaky. Then we went to the Science Museum and Ruby thought the cafe was an exhibition... And she "drove" a car... Then we danced and stepped on Nemo. With that excitement, it was a shame that we had to leave, but we're in London, rush hour was upon us. Arrggggh. We had water though, so aaaaaaall was fine.




And that's what I did on Friday.

Toodles :)

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