Friday, 12 September 2014


Heeey, Schneckens!
I thought I was hearing noises today. I was. My alarm. Turns out I never switched it off. The stress of everything is getting to me now. I thought I saw a kangaroo yesterday, but it was just a fox. I don't know what possessed me to think that there was a kangaroo in Stratford; it makes no sense.

Anyway, last night I had a wonderful meal with my Asian mom (Ruby K), son (Ruby F) and sister (Tanaka). We went to Nando's and it was overly smutty...well, for me at least! Maybe going to a Portuguese themed restaurant type place wasn't the wisest idea given how I am somewhat swayed by Portuguese men at the moment. I'm going through a phase, fear not, I still adore my Eastern Europeans and their enticing necks. There's a lot of innuendos in that place and pretty much attracted me to my meal - I mean, how can you turn something down when it's described as "it's big"? You just can't. Well, you could, but since I didn't go for the "melts in the mouth" or the "two hander", I kinda needed big. Okaaaay, this is a weird conversation. So the meal was delightfully spicy; which was a pleasure for me because I'm going through a really spicy stage right now. I love spice! I just wanted all the spice, but then my buns got soaked. It was still hard though. I can't keep this up anymore - there's too many innuendos to handle! Also, shout out for my Asian mom who got us the table and had to listen to me ramble on about pigeons on the M22 as I arrived with my son. Fair play!

So dinner was delightful and we tried to find a place for dessert, but most things are shut at night, so instead we sat on a bench and ate sugar hearts - or love hearts as they're commonly known as. Two policemen came by and took a picture of us - for us, not cos they wanted a picture of us to take home. I'm not that famous! Sitting on the bench was so moving as it was the last time we'd all be together for a while and I treasured every moment of it. I didn't want to leave, but we were starting to look hella high and we had to get a bus back. I got on the 158! Wow! So me, Tanaka and Ruby waited for the bus, and then school chum, Kaan came by, we spoke before getting on the bus. The actual journey was sweet, mainly because I rested in my son's arms for the last time for a while. Are you crying, or is there something in your eye?






Toodles :)

My Sis-in-Law (Josephine) sent me this;
really moved me x

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