Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Types of Parents

Welcome to the jungle, Schneckens!
I wasn't even listening to that song so it beats me why I quoted it. I've been listening to a lot of Joshua Radin today, if you're interested. Love him. His lyrics and gentle vocals are like little tiny angels; so give him a listen!

For anyone who follows this blog on a daily basis (thanks, btw!), you're probably aware that I am hella stressed with University stuff right now. Like, hella stressed. Perhaps a good chunk of my stress levels are arising from one source though. My parents. As much as I love them, they can forget sometimes that stress and I aren't the greatest of friends and it can make me a tad uneasy and very anxious. So with this in mind, let's find out what kinda parents are out there; baring in mind that I also have to base this on other stuff, like television etc etc.

Types of Parents

The Helicopter Parent ~ That parent/parents who just won't let their child make mistakes and learn from it. They're so desperate to protect their child from the big bad world that they're actually harming them in the long term.

The Cop ~ Making sure that you abide by their rules and follow their laws. If you break any of them, shit goes down, man! You don't want to risk it to be honest.

The Best Friend ~ You can go to them about anything that is worrying you, or anything you just want to talk about. You normally declare your love on Facebook, which is where that parent proudly showcases you off to the world.

The Inappropriate Best Friend ~ Talks about sex to you, which is good for obvious reasons, but hella awkward. Although when they start discussing their sex lives, that's when things just get awful.

The Chilled Ice Tea ~ They take a laid back approach to bringing you up, but as long as their kid isn't committing serious crimes, like murder, no biggie. Right?

The Big Spender ~ Spoils that kid like out of date milk. Geddit? Milk spoils after a while and it's really disgusting? Le sigh..

The Failed Comedian ~ Thinks s/he is super funny with their puns, jokes and stories, but they're about as funny as fart jokes. They're not funny, btw, they just blow.. Hehe..

The Throwback ~ And it's not even Thursday! But yeah, they probably would've introduced you to the great music of their day, thus influencing your sublime/questionable music taste - depends on what you grew up on, I guess.

The Traditional Turkey ~ They're so stuck in the past that they forget that kids are different to how they were when they were kids. I mean, talking to someone of the opposite sex doesn't mean that I'm going to get pregnant and die. Yep, I just referenced Mean Girls like a boss!

The Pretentious ~ They live a life of luxury and their children have most likely picked up on this. They try to make themselves seem down to earth by praising the working class, but it's a bit too David Cameron to be honest and no one is buying that shit.

Aaaaand finally, The Kid At Heart ~ This parent really needs to grow up. How can you look after a child, when you're still a child yourself?

PARENT BE LIKE GIF photo PARENTS-BE-LIKE-22_zps122bc9d7.gif

So that's all I have so far. It's one of those lists when a part 2 is incredibly likely. Just need to watch a bit more television and stuff. Have a nice day and I'll see you tomorrow!

Toodles :)

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