Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Types of Flatmates

Hello, Schneckens!
I made my first proper meal today! I tried last week, but I didn't have a clue what I was doing; so this is my first one. It was a weird day. I mean, at times I felt really happy, then times I felt really sad. But I got through it and I made a mask; it wasn't the greatest of mask, yet I'm pleased with it! Sometimes that's all that matters!

Anyway, hi! Yes, I know that the blog hasn't been the same this past week. I mean, where are the themes?! Well, I used themes during the summer because I didn't have much to write about as I wasn't doing much. I mean, I did loads, but not enough to blog about - like, remember Drama class blogs; well, my summer wasn't always that eventful! The blog was initially just my life and it will always remain that. So some days you'll get just my life, whether it be really happy or depressing, or themes, like Music Monday and Types of Tuesday. If my life bores you, then, maybe you should reconsider staying because my life will continue to be blogged about and if that's not your thaaaang, then there's little point in staying, right?

So with this new place comes flatmates. There are flatmates on every campus and this what I've come across, heard about or merely seen on television. Don't take it too seriously, mind.

Types of Flatmates:

The Go To Guy/Gal ~ They are pretty chill, but always make sure that they're friendly and nice to you. Whether it's a simple hello, an actual conversation or inviting you out. Sometimes you feel a bit out of place, but they'll help you find yourself.

The Anti Social ~ You won't see them much because they're in their room most of the time. Yeah, it's probably just shyness, nonetheless, you don't really see them.

The Party Animal ~ Out most of the time just getting wild. Sometimes they bring it back to the flat and leave the place in a state; sleeping drunkenly on the kitchen table or something less extreme..

The 420 Bus ~ Riding high since the start of time...

The Rubber Band ~ This person probably hasn't had a lot of sexual conquests in their lifetime, so they're trying to get as much as humanly possible in their new place of freedom.

The Cook ~ Whether it be for you, or themselves, they look some motherfudging good stuff! Nom!

The Loud One ~ I don't know how it is humanly possible to make so much noise, but apparently it is actually possible.. Bravo, you. It's a hella problem when you're trying to sleep.

Aaaaand finally, The Crazy Cat Lady ~ Their room smells like cats...But they have no cats..

Yes, that wasn't that riveting, but I did have a full day of lectures today. So see you tomorrow, a little bit more awake though!

Toodles :)

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