Saturday, 27 September 2014

The Problem With WhatsApp

Hello, Schneckens!
This will be my first ever blog post in a very long time that doesn't involve university or my university woes! Let us rejoice in that for a moment! Not too long though because I'm going home tomorrow.. Le sigh.

I want to complain about WhatsApp. I simply don't see the point in it. I mean, it's just free form of texting, where you can also send pictures and other stuff. Aren't there already apps for that? Also, isn't WhatsApp only free for the first year? I remember reading that somewhere and that's not really helpful or useful, now is it?

I use WhatsApp for one main person because for some weird, confusing reason, he simply doesn't respond to normal texts and I don't phone people like him. I accidentally phoned him once and that was hella awkward.. I'm fairly certain he thought I was phoning to have sex with him.. Awkward.. Sorry, trailed off there. So I mainly use WhatsApp for him and occasionally some other folk. My main gripe with it is the whole internet thing. You need WiFi for this to work, and there has been so many times that I have been sent a message asking me something, or inviting me out, which I haven't got till hours later. I have missed so many great opportunities because folk decide to ask me important questions, or just questions in general, on a device that requires an internet connection or I simply won't get it. Gaaawd, just text me instead!

Another thing is that it tells people when I'm last seen. Okay, I like that because it means I can strategically plan when to start a conversation with someone based on when they were last online, but it also means people can see when I was last on this. Oh no. Basically, when someone sends me a message, they can tell if I've seen it or not; which is made more awkward if it still says if I'm online. This is an issue for me because I don't like answering to certain people too quickly or I'll look too eager and given that I mainly talk to one person on this and what we are talking about isn't the conventional 'how's your day?', I don't really want to look eager. Eagerness can be perceived as desperation and if there is one thing that I never want to be viewed as and that is desperate because folk can really exploit that. I know you can change the settings for that, but that seems like a lot of extra hassle to be honest. Plus, if they don't respond, that just looks really sad for you!

In my opinion, WhatsApp is the home of sexting and nude pics; two things that I somehow have got involved with in my weird, daily life. No, I don't send anything inappropriate, as I mentioned in yesterday's blog. I guess that's why I'm not too keen on this app. Because of the people I use/d if for have done things that are sexual, it makes it seem seedy for me. One of the guys I talk to and actually like talking to him, that's fine I guess. We both talk about it and show no issues; I haven't once said to him that I'm not comfortable. The other acted like a total dirty perv, blocked me and made me feel like shit. He made 'dtf' and 'send a pic' (which is the guy I actually like talking to!) look like a total saint.

Maybe I like WhatsApp, I'm just not keen on the idiots that use it. Oh, don't even get me started on statuses. For goodness sake, stop with the indirect statuses; we get it, you're pissed! Move on!

Toodles :)

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