Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Problem With Couples On Facebook

What about this weather, eh, Schneckens? It changes a lot..
That was a rather boring way to start the blog today. Well, tentacles. Ha! You thought I was going to say the other thing!

So..How's everyone doing? Hope you're all good. I'm starting to pack and my God, it is so stressful that I just want to demolish the jam in my room. Yes, there is jam in my room (for Uni), but I just want to eat it now to drown the fears. Please don't make me go!! I've actually had a room change within the accommodation, which seems so much better - I had a horrible feeling I was going to live with just guys and although that would be a hella of a learning experience, I don't think I could handle the idea of me being on my period with a bunch of guys. The horror.

Speaking of horror, you know what else is quite horrific? Couples on Facebook. My goodness, it is sheer torture to have to scroll down on my news feed and have to endure the never ending lovey dovey statuses between these love sick imbeciles! I don't quite know what is worse - the constant statuses about how my much they love their 'boo' or the pictures with their beloved 'bae'. I don't quite understand how 'boo' is an affectionate term; back in my day it was used to create fear, so that's really saying a lot about their sickly love towards each other. It's freakin' scary to watch. It's plastered all over news feeds, but Facebook is the worst of them all because they're given the opportunity to publicly announce who they are in a relationship with. I guess you must be pretty serious if you put it on Facebook. I mean, it's pretty public and it's not as if anyone doesn't give a shit about who you're bumping uglies with on a regular basis. No, not at all. We love it as much as you love your little pumpkin eater. What, is that not an affectionate term?

Why do couples honestly think that we, their online "friends", want to know that they just had an amazing meal with the person they've only been together for about three months and probably couldn't even tell me any of the important things in their life? I mean, it's great you know s/he loves chocolate cake because it makes them feel happy inside, but tell me, do you know what s/he wants to do with their future and if you're going to be able go along with their plans or if it interferes with yours? A good chunk of relationships on Facebook are just for the attention from their peers, hence why most youngsters on this social networking site use the statuses: 'married' or 'engaged'. Yes, because you're that serious. It's pretty clear that with these kind of couples that there isn't any longevity and they probably wouldn't last past the first year or make it to their first serious argument. And no, an argument about who's house you're going round that night or why they didn't Skype you at 10:23pm exactly, does not count as a serious argument/disagreement that will test the strength in your relationship and your determination to work through your problems like sufficient adults.

I'm not saying don't express your fondness over someone you love on Facebook, just merely remember that those likes you receive don't really count for much. If you're using a relationship to bump up your profile, then that's pretty sad. I really find the constant online PDAs sickly and tedious and if I could have the power to forbid them for a certain period of time between each public declaration of their so-called love, I totally would. Until then, I just have to either scroll down the news feed really quickly, or just take them out of my news feed. But then I'll probably never know if they've returned back to their single status, which is probably for the best, because then I'd have to endure the aggravating statuses about love and 'if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best'.

Please.. Please remove them from Facebook or any other social networking site. Please.

Toodles :)

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