Saturday, 13 September 2014

The Final Countdown

Hello, Schneckens!
Well, the day is nearly upon us...

Today I went to Greenwich, with my folks, to pick up my keys for my accommodation. It was so stressful getting there and I had a sense of fear as I walked into the halls. The people there seemed really friendly and made me feel welcome as I walked around the student village in Avery Hill, so it's nice to know that the people there are understanding towards the daunting prospect of moving out into the big ol' world.

My room is sweet. It's a good size for me and it's in the corner of the flat. I kinda hope that doesn't cause issues because at first glance it does look like I am isolated from the rest, but I'm sure I can get out there and socialise. Or I can turn it into a little sex dungeon and bring back men for a little bit of raunchy fun. That's not really going to happen if that's startled you; that kinda thing requires a lot of effort and money. Sex dungeons require a lot of maintenance, and I'm fairly certain it goes against my license agreement..

Anyway, it was nice to see my room and meet one of my flatmates. Tomorrow I move in officially and I am so scared. It's good I'm getting out there and embracing the world around me, but I have all those fears. I mean, what if no one likes me? What if my course isn't right for me? What if I suddenly change my mind and want to do something else with my life? What if I go broke so quickly/money issues just keep appearing? What if I can't get my head around the buses? (Avery Hill and the Greenwich Campus are really far apart!) What if I become an accidental floozy? So many worries I'm having, but it's natural, right? Folk always say Uni will be the best years of your life; you find yourself and you're given a great sense of freedom that you once never thought was possible.

Tomorrow will be a very emotional day for me, but rest assured, I'll be here; flaws and all. That was such a cheesy line..


Toodles :)

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