Friday, 5 September 2014

Saucy Friday: Let's Talk About Sex

Heeeeeeeeey, Schneckens.
I felt so tempted to sing: 'Heeeeey, good looking, whaaaat you got cooking?' - but that would be weird. Just a tad. Then again, when has this blog never not been weird?

Blogs are going to start getting harder to write (Was that a pun?) now that University is just over a mere week away. I don't quite know what is going to happen, let along what's going to happen here. When I was in Sixth Form, it was easy to write because I knew I could come home to internet and write what I had to write in the comfort of my own home, before or after completing my work. Since I've never been to Uni before, I don't know what's it going to be like. Therefore, I want to make blogging as easy as humanly possible; so I've been thinking about what I can do with the blog. Then one thing hit me, well, not hit me, I just realised that I am good at writing about a certain subject - sexy time. I kinda guessed that when my book was shared without my permission and was appreciated in a certain way. Don't expect that. But I do like writing about things like this because it's the most natural thing in the world that everyone will experience and it's just interesting. So sit back and enjoy!

Sex: What The Heck?

First things first, and this is something I believe that loads of people misinterpret: sex and love are two completely different things. Sex doesn't need to be a big deal if you don't want it to be. Your sex life is your business, so whether it's jam packed with many partners; with that one special person or with no one, that should be no issue for anyone else. You shouldn't also be pressured into doing anything sexual if you really don't want to.

Sex is a vague term, to be honest. I mean, sex has many different meanings to it - for instance, sex means both gender and the actual activity of bumping uglies. But most people just see it as the latter, which I suppose is fine. That's what I'm referring to, I guess. Sometimes folk really misinterpret sex and as a result, folk get hurt. Sex, whilst briefly brings you closer to your partner due to the chemicals released in your body, doesn't bring you closer overall. I mean, one night stands, friends with benefits and 'dtf' are clearly not the basis of a relationship. The amount of times I have heard females around me get upset because a guy only wanted them for sex is quite common. It's not a great feeling, speaking from experience, but that's just one guy and if he has never suggested anything but sex, then it's not really a surprise; although it can be disheartening (esp if that's how you lost your V Card, which is common within society.) But don't dismiss all guys as just wanting nothing but sex, because that is such a sexist thing to say. Here's a shocker, women also want sex and can go about it in the same way.. So just because that one guy "broke" your heart, don't go slating other guys. And those who slate women who are relaxed about their sex lives, go take a look at yourself because that should be the only concern for you - stop caring what other's lives and focus on your own!

Then there's the whole virginity thing and losing that so-called 'V Card', which is tinged with an unrealistic expectation that will disappoint many folk around. The first time will most likely disappoint you. If you're basing it on a cheesy romcom, or a sordid porno, then you are in for the biggest disappointment of your life because it won't be like that. Somethings make the experience more special, like if you're in a loving and stable relationship with your partner, but that won't really add to the pleasure of it - it'll just feel weird. It also might hurt depending on who you are. But I won't knock those who lose it to those their not dating - if you felt ready and wanted to do it, then who am I to question you? You know best.

So that's Saucy Friday. It won't be one of those cringy things that people make to get hella amounts of views and attention; nah, far from it. Sex is something that is universal and whilst I'm busy with Uni, it'll be nice to talk about something that I know I can relate to with other peeps. It's also quick to write.. It also won't be detailed - like don't expect sordid details. One thing you need to remember about sex is that it's no one's busy but you're own. Stay true to yourself and do what you're comfortable with!

Toodles :)

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