Monday, 1 September 2014

Music Monday [Plain Baguette]

Helloooo, Schneckens!
Today my friend Tanaka created the greatest comedy moment by ordering a plain baguette. It was so hilarious that I'm still laughing now. My God, it was just amazingly funny. Can't stop laughing. And now I've stopped. So yes, I went to Westfield with Tanaka and we just sat on a seat for a good while discussing life. We looked hella stoned. Hey, maybe I am...

Anyway, let's Monday, shall we?

Sean Ashe
Song I listened to: Hemisphere:
It was a privilege to listen to the striking guitar playing from this talented man. From the offset I was completely gripped, which rarely happens to me when there is an absence of lyrics. I was completely memorised and it was perhaps the greatest guitar playing I have witnessed in a very long time. Wonderful!

Verdugo Brothers
Song I listened to: Paris & Simo - Silent [Verdugo Brothers Remix]:
I love the fact that it builds up, so it engages you from the very beginning to the end. As remixes go this is a very strong remix, perhaps one of the strongest I have come across. It is very club-like and is sure to get the party started no matter the time or day. Amazing!

Robb Murphy
Song I listened to: The Mysteries of the Heart [Acoustic]:
The song has tinges of Paolo Nutini's 'Growing Up Beside You', but at no means that this suggest that he is a Paolo copycat. No, far from it! His voice is so gentle and soothing that it takes you to another dimension. Hearing him acoustic really allows you to appreciate his raw, powerful tones that are in a league of their own. I was genuinely moved by this performance; simply stunning!

The Boyle Brothers
Song I listened to: Unwell [Matchbox 20 Cover]:
What a cover! I hadn't heard the original initially so I had to go listen to that, but both versions are completely different! This seems so powerful and actually moved me like I hadn't been moved before. It's so simple, but they convey every emotion needed for this song. It's rare that a cover succeeds the original, but this could achieve such a feat. Excellent!

Song I listened to: The Eulogy Ballroom:
The intensity, mixed with the fresh and electronic beats allows this band to showcase their talents, as well as appeal to a wide variety of people. The sound is so current, but it doesn't fall into predictable. What makes it even better is that it is so cool and relatable. Truly remarkable!

Twin Peaks
Song I listened to: I Found A New Way:
Their sound kinda reminds me of a retro summer, maybe the 60s, where everything was raw and cool. These guys have the most rawest vocals I have heard and I love it. It reminds me of the good old days and shows that there is still hope for music today. Incredible song!

Little Dragon
Song I listened to: Mirror:
The start was so intense and mysterious that I simply could not stop listening. Then those beautiful, haunting lyrics came on and completely took my breath away. This song is actually perfection, with every beat and every lyric and note that is sung. If you could only have one song to listen to for the rest of your life, this would surely be it!

We Are Forever
Song I listened to: Everything You Are [Acoustic]:
What a perfect way to end this week's list! Their harmonies are sheer heaven and hearing them sing acoustic is like being caressed by heavens. They are a perfect combination and each one of them shines throughout the song, beautifully mixed with the heartfelt lyrics that is sure to touch you! A divine piece of music!

Well, that's this week's list. So many great artists, so little time; so let's make time! See you next week for the new list - you bring the music!

Toodles :)

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