Monday, 8 September 2014

Music Monday [Leaver's Party + Royal Baby]

Happy Monday, Schneckens!
So much to discuss right now and so much to do before I leave for University on Sunday But let's focus on something else. Firstly, a royal baby is on its way! I know many folk don't give a flaming crow about the royal family, but George is such a cutie and him as a big brother would just be super adorable. I also went out today with Tanaka. We had ice cream and my goodness it was great. We also laughed a lot, so it's going to be sad when we can't do this as much in the next few months.

Now, Music Monday. This is my most popular segment on the blog and I love doing it; but it takes so long to complete. It will become almost impossible to complete them to a high standard when faced with Uni life. I don't plan to stop, but it won't always be to a standard that I have set over the last few weeks. I really need a lot of help doing this blog now, so if you have got any music, do share it with me! Also, if you want to help write for Music Monday, do let me know! I don't get any money for this blog and it's just something I love to do and I don't want it to suffer because I'm at University.

Anyway, let's Monday, shall we?!

Song I listened to: On My Own:
The sheer power and might from this song was fantastic! The rock vibe was sublime and I had the song in my head for so long - it truly sticks with you without being sickly or cheesy. This band doesn't know the meaning of these words because they are so alternative and so cool that they could effortlessly take centre place in the music world. The lyrics and the overall sound was remarkable; definitely a song that packs a punch!

Mary Desmond
Song I listened to: Invisible:
Songs are meant to connect to you; meant to move you and meant to touch you. This song did it from the very beginning with the gentleness of the piano and her beautifully haunting vocals. Her vocals compliment the lyrics perfectly and a woman like this shouldn't be invisible for a second longer as she is amazing. Truly stunning!

Kolin Durier
Song I listened to: What Really Matters:
He has a raw voice that sounds so rough and somewhat husky that you feel enchanted and can't stop listening. The song is rather splendid and it's something that truly captures the feelings of daily life. Definitely a must listen that is sure to put this man in the forefront of people's attentions as he has a talent that is sure to do well in this industry!

Ryan Dolan
Song I listened to: Fall To The Floor:
The perfect pop song. Heartfelt and inspirational lyrics, all mixed with his striking voice. It's rare that you find a song that stands out, but this one takes your full attention. It's a truly inspirational song that will give you the biggest kick up the ass to go and fight for what you believe in. Wonderful!

Beneath The Spin Light
Song I listened to: Dismantle/Repair:
Those punk and lively beats get you rocking along and it is so refreshing to hear amongst all the poppy kinda music of today. It reminds me of a great time for music and it's great to see that music has no died when there's greatness like this still in the world! Brilliant!

Song I listened to: Love Was On Your Mind:
There is such a retro vibe to this song that has a tinge of the Pet Shop Boys to them! I loved the song as it was lively and upbeat, but didn't lose itself among the production. A lot of artists could take a note from this band as they've mastered it and mastered it well!

Song I listened to: Rome:
Another song with a vibe similar to the songs of our past. I found the whole thing very enchanting and I would certainly recommend it. Seriously, it captures all the greatness of retro music and shows it in a modern way. Simply sublime!

Jay Putty
Song I listened to: A Better Place:
Thank you. That seems like a perfect reaction to this song. This is actually a suicide prevention song and given that less than a month ago I considered ending my life, this song actually brought me to tears. Tears of happiness, of course. I was genuinely moved by this and I wish I could exclaim my joy towards his heartfelt lyrics and inspirational and powerful voice. A perfect masterpiece!

Well, that's all I got time for now! I know it's not the longest, but all the musicians pack a huge punch in this week's lists. I know the next few weeks will be hard as I adjust to my new life, but I hope you can all support me, especially with Music Monday. So hopefully I'll see you next week - you bring the music!

Toodles :)

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