Sunday, 21 September 2014

First Week

Hi, Schneckens!
One week here. How?! I mean, obviously we know how. But how?! Time flies, doesn't she? Yet at times it really did feel as if it dragged on.

Last night was a strange night. I got absolutely smashed. I actually passed out for the first time ever. I phoned a lot of people and found out the truth from others. Some people have been hurt by my decisions and others have been enticed by them. Odd combination. You all know what I did during the day as I proudly blogged about it, but the night is a big old blur for everyone. Well, this is what happened. I felt like 'furk it, let's do this.' So I downed a jaw dropping amount of vodka, put on my dress and wedges, then just went outside. I went outside and felt oblivion as I simply became one of everyone around me; yet still felt a tad isolated from the rest of the world. I walked past a block of flats and they cat called me - it's never happened before and I simply felt indifferent by it all. Then some random inebriated chap hugged me and felt me up; then invited around to his place for what I can only imagine as a quick romp. Obviously I said no. That surprised me actually. I thought I was more numb than I actually was. So I guess that's a positive - I still had my self respect!

I don't feel too bad today. I pretty much just hung out with my flatmates today and that was really nice. They're all nice people and they didn't seem to find my obsession with fire weird - well, they probably did, but are too nice to say anything about it. I guess it would be too early to bring in the whole BDSM thing, huh? Yeah, might be a bit too soon to mention how I'm intrigued by the idea of pain as a source of pleasure.. Anyway, moving on quicker than a box of chickens (what?) I feel good day. I got what I wanted and that was human interaction. Sure, I was hella awkward, but that will soon calm down. And yeah, I still found it incredibly hard to eat and cook in front of them, but that will hopefully tone down soon. So for my first week here, I think today was a nice symbol of what University life can be like if I gave it a chance - yes, it will be awks and daunting, but those brief moments when you let yourself go, it's really fun.

So to everyone moving out today, take a note from the anxious woman: It will be the most scariest thing you will do, but sit in your kitchen; it will get you out there and able to communicate more frequently with the others.

Toodles :)

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