Saturday, 20 September 2014

300: Bananas, Bananas and More Bananas

Today is my 300th blog post. Hoooooooow?! I mean, 299th posts ago I was merely discussing how I kept listening to Nine Inch Nails' 'Closer'.. Now I'm still listening to it, but I've also gone on many a life journey. We didn't just get on the baby ride in that theme park (let's face it, small people will never get on the big ones...well, not that kinda big one!) we went on the huge ass one that greatly tested my ability and responses that a human being is expected to have. What? I don't know, all I know is that it's the big 300 today!!

It's gets harder trying to do big celebration blogs because how does one celebrate such a joyous moment in one's life, which is rather limp in other's lives? 100 I had Drama; 200 I made a tiramisu drunk and well, 300 I saw a cowboy giraffe. No, that isn't a fantasy for my former giraffe.. I really did see a cowboy giraffe..well, toy one at least. I spent the day with my folks and I really needed that. We know I've been feeling a bit shitty these past few days, so seeing them really made me feel happy. It was endearing to find out how much they miss me and how the moment they had to leave me behind hit them hard. Gaaawsh, the tears! So spending a beautiful day with them, with pizza and fish and chips, and a carrot cake, oh and cheap books, was great. Telling them my stories (a tad exaggerated I must admit) was a great way to show them how I have made a good start here. Not the greatest, but it puts things into perspective. Yes, I have felt so low this week, but when I focus on the good stuff, the bad stuff doesn't seem so powerful in comparison. Strive for happiness because happiness can make great things and make the hard days seem better. As my wonderfully wise son (Ruby) once said: "...When you're happy, it's not as if you're suddenly better, its still a grey day but it's just not raining." That really touched me and is the phrase I share with anyone that wants to listen. So 300. It's pretty grey out there, but right now, it's not raining. And if it does, that's what umbrellas are for...




Toodles :)

No, wait, I can't leave just yet. Last night I got furking hammered. And I mean hammered. Going through my phone I found an array of beautiful pictures. So beautiful; it's like I just discovered modern technology. And bananas. There were a lot of bananas in my room.. No, that's not even a euphemism. Speaking of which, I said a lotta things that no sober person would ever say and damn, that is hella awks. So yes, I celebrated in style.. I think. Yes, I did. Go, me! 300!! Yeah! FUCK YEAAAH. 300 MOTHERFUCKER!!



Toodles :)

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