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12 Life Lessons From Sixth Form

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I am so fed up with shopping that I don't ever want to look at a shopping bag again. I had to do my Uni shopping today and my goodness, there is so much to buy! I had to buy a shiz load of kitchen stuff and it just felt hella emotional as I essentially stacked my future kitchen. I'm not ready to grow up! I can't believe that in a week and a bit I'll be out in the big wide world. Well, Greenwich. Nonetheless, it is really scary and I just want to cuddle with a blankie and never leave.

But I can't do that. Nope. Yesterday sixth formers started their lessons and for me it felt weird - I'm no longer in school. I know I've said it a million times, but hey, I spent 7 years at that place and now I'm no longer a student there. It is WEIRD. It is SCARY. And my God it is CRAZY. I never liked year 7-11; it was the worse years of my life when I look at the negatives, which it was essentially. I did make cool friends though, but sixth form is where I blossomed. Friends became family; I grew in confidence and I realised what I wanted to do with my life. So I want to really look at what life lessons I learnt from my time at sixth form.

12 Life Lessons From Sixth Form:

1. Girls become women and boys become men ~ This isn't some obvious reference to puberty, nah, far from it. One thing I realised in sixth form is that folk grow up. There were loads of people that I strongly disliked in school and when sixth form came along, I found them to be great people, which was said about me - in the sense that I started being more out going and shiz. Plus, you start to notice those you are attracted to and it goes beyond those little crushes you had and turns into more of a serious kinda thing. Well not serious; some people just hooked up, but you don't see many year 11s doing that. Right?

2. Love is more appealing ~ When you're in school, you have all those raging hormones that makes people look hella hot and stuff. But when you get to year 12/13, you want someone to spend your time with because they add a spark to you and you don't just want to make out with them all the time.

3. Teachers are alright ~ Chances are that you will get closer to your teachers and will strike bonds with them that were not existent prior to sixth form. They become people that you can have a laugh with, respect them and still complete their work to a high standard - they are your teachers afterall! Plus, when you can legally drink, they buy you drinks, or you can grab coffees with them, or simply gossip with them. They really care about you and that becomes evident in sixth form - so youngsters: respect your teachers!

4. Less is more ~ I mean this in many senses. Firstly, just because you do 3/4 subjects doesn't mean you have less to do. In fact, you have LOADS more because it's jam packed with a lot of information and work needed to succeed. Gaaawsh. Plus, just because you may not have a full day doesn't mean anything - you need to use every moment to ensure that you understand EVERYTHING.

5. Drama is inevitable ~ Some bitch will piss you off; some dick will bone you and not call you the next day. Drama. It has to happen. It might not be that extreme, but you will experience something that really impacts you and takes your eye off the ball. What, this wasn't a reference to Note Gate, nooooo..

6. The gender gap is noticeable ~ This one isn't exactly focused on the sociological meaning. For me, there was a clear difference between males and females in sixth form through lessons. There was a rare tight ratio between males and females in the actual subject. For instance, in History, I was the only female by the second year and English there was only one male by the second year. You start to realise what subject is more popular within the genders and it is interesting to witness.

7. Fake friends just go ~ By the end of your sixth form experience, you would've chucked away those who were never your friends because in order to survive, you need the closest people possible. If a person isn't there, they were never your friend in the first place.

8. Classmates become a second family ~ This is a beautiful tribute to my Drama family, but I also know that other subjects struck up similar relationships too. When you're in such a stressful environment, you're bound to get close to folk and you all help each other out till the very end, when you've put down your pen at the end of the exam. You all did it together.

9. Passions become more passionate ~ Because you need to decide what you want to do after sixth form, you really need to start looking at what you enjoy; this could be your future career if you want it to be. I realised by the Christmas of 2012 that I wanted to be a Drama teacher because I found a reason to live and I realised that I deserve to be happy, which Drama does so effortlessly.

10. Tears don't try on their own ~ You WILL cry at some point during sixth form, even if it's away from everyone else. Those years are pure stress and that's not even mentioning your life outside of sixth form. But there are people all around you that will make those days more bearable; whether it be your close friends; a classmate or a teacher - no one will let you fall apart.

11. You [start] to know who you are ~ You're started to be treated like a young adult and that also means that you find things about yourself that you didn't know before. It's completely unique to you and only you will know the real you. I realised one glorious Monday morning that I had a body that many female folk yearn for and male folk can actually desire (I caught a male chap checking me out) Plus, you start to work out your work style, fashion, music tastes. So much you discover in such a short period of time!

12. It leaves a gaping hole in your life ~ Whether you loved it or hated it, the moment in ends, it'll feel odd. You spent all those years there and now that it's over, you need to adjust to the realisation that your safety need is gone and you're in the big wide world by yourself. Welp.

So, that will probably be my last post solely on sixth form. I may mention it now and then, especially as I'm going back there next week to see some folk. But this is it. It really is over now and I just have to accept I'm at new chapter of my life that needs to be fully experienced. Wow. I'm getting old.

Toodles :)

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