Friday, 22 August 2014

Overdressing vs. Under-Dressing

Hello, Schneckens!
It's Friday and what a Friday. Well, I had a blood test, so that makes me somewhat interesting, right? No, of course not. There's nothing exceptionally interesting about a woman, with a needle in her arm, with blood rapidly leaving one's body. Apart from that, however, I was pretty boring. I napped a lot. Late nights are creeping in again!

Today's blog post doesn't really have a direction and whilst it isn't just me making it up on the spot, it isn't as thought out as other posts. Initially, yesterday I was going to do a 'How To', but I wanted to blog about something more important. I was going to move that post to now, but it just didn't feel right. It was going to be 'How To Dress For Success' as a lot of things have either happened, or going to happen, and the perfect outfit is necessary. Yet, even with satire, it just didn't feel right. I guess I just don't feel right discussing what to wear when an outfit is a way for a person to uniquely express themselves. Plus, I don't know where to begin and I don't want to push it back, knowing that I'll most likely never write it.

Therefore, let's discuss the biggest debate of the fashion world (probably, I don't know): What is worse - overdressing or under-dressing? Recently, I have been really overdressing for such the smallest things. Whilst they may look quite casual in the sophisticated way, when my friends are wearing jeans and so forth, and there's me in an outfit worthy of a classy dinner, you can't help but feel overdressed. Yet, I quite like it. I think that if you like what you're wearing and it's comfortable, then there isn't an issue. Whilst my black and white chic combo seemed a tad too much for a coffee chat and a summer dress that highlighted my breasts in an obvious, but classy way, may be misplaced in the supermarket; it really made me feel sexy. So what's the issue? People actually frown up individuals who seemingly overdress, which makes no sense; what's the big deal?

Then there's under-dressing. That's always frowned upon if you were expected to dress quite formally, which seems justified. Yet, sometimes, you don't want to wear a dress, or suit, that makes you feel uncomfortable and as long as you're not wearing something ludicrous, does it matter? I'm sure with the right accessories, you could totally turn something into something worthy of a Queen. Sometimes individuals would much rather wear jeans with their friends and repeat outfits; but why the hell is that considered socially unacceptable in the world?

But what about those events where there isn't a dress code specified? Oh gawd, that's just awful. See, that isn't your fault. Well, this blog isn't going anywhere. I blame that blood test. Enjoy your bank holiday weekend and I'll see you tomorrow for a more lively blog. Whoa, tomorrow is going to be hella busy though. Bring wine. Vodka.

Toodles :)

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