Monday, 25 August 2014

Music Monday [Rainy Day]

How wet are you, Schneckens?
Wait, that sounds ridiculously suggestive! I do apologise. It's raining right now and I got soaked by the downpour. I don't smell like wet cat, but I feel like a wet cat. Maybe it's best if I move away from the weather..

52 weeks is a year, right? If so, then I've gone a year without pulling my hair out, which is perhaps one of my greatest achievements. I don't quite know how to celebrate, but it will involve vodka and some great music, so let's Monday, shall we?!

Song I listened to: Skydive:
A wonderful little blast from the past! Well years later, the guys have returned with a new mature sound and new music, which is sure to impress many. The song was powerful, with meaningful lyrics and a strong beat, and has fully thrust these talented men into the music scene again. A great return to music!

Song I listened to: I Forget Where We Were [Cover]:
Ben Howard's new song really touches me and is in a league of its own. Yet, whilst I was browsing YouTube, I came across this young woman covering it and it really hit me. Her voice is so gentle that you can hear the rawness in every lyric she sings. Such a wonderful talent!

Wisdom in Chains
Song I listened to: When We Were Young:
Damn, embrace that inner rock God/Goddess! When the song started, I wish hit by the brilliant instrumental that led perfectly into the raw, rough vocals. If you want to listen to something that will give you a kick up the arse and will let you rock on, look no further - these guys are perfect!

Song I listened to: Hero:
The beats were sick. I found myself lost in a quixotic paradise as the electronic and synth beats completely took over. A perfect summer song and will certainly liven up any party! Brilliant!

Bonney Read
Song I listened to: Runaway:
It's girl power, without the cheese or cliché! The sheer rock, power and strength is evident from the offset, and it is clear that these women are onto something big. The vocals are so raw and compliment the instruments. It's so refreshing to hear something so raw and live, rather than auto-tune, because it allows listeners to connect with the artist. Incredible all round!

Song I listened to: She Waits:
The fun and vibrant tone throughout completely captivates listeners and you can't help but feel good about yourself. The song is incredibly addictive and you find yourself bopping along to it from start to finish! Brilliant feel good song, with lyrics that totally get you!

Song I listened to: Out Of This World:
The intensity and coolness created a sublime mix that I simply cannot get enough of. It has a natural flow to it, and it differs from most songs of this genre. It's slick, fly and unique; definitely a song that is out of this world!

And that's this week's list. Granted, it's a bit short compared to last week, but hey, quality over quantity. See you next week for the next list- You bring the music!

Toodles :)

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