Thursday, 21 August 2014

Farewell Tyrell!

Oh hai, Schneckens!
It's Thursday, right? Of course it is. Jeez, it's weird. Sorry, this is what we would call a 'late blog'. First of all, thank you to everyone who reached out to me last night following my revelation in the blog yesterday; it really meant a lot, and your support always brings a tear to my eye. Secondly, I'm feeling good right now. I had a wonderful day with my dear friend, Tanaka (AKA. Mama Rose) We talked about everything and anything and it was hilarious. We both learnt a lot from each other today, and ultimately, we couldn't stop laughing. Amazing day!

Then we went to the Pound a Portrait private viewing, where all the pictures were up, and the film was played. I got to see me on the screen! Ahh, I was starstruck! Actually, can you use that phrase if it was you on the screen? I don't even know anymore! All the pictures we beautiful and each had a beautiful story attached to it. Seeing my picture was overwhelming as there stood a strong woman, and I'm always going to remember that picture when I need that spark of confidence when it may be lacking. Also, little side note, fellow Drama family members; Eliana, Zoe, Henry and Christopher - all their pictures were wonderful, and it was lovely seeing them all in the midst of these pictures being taken. Plus, Christopher's smile was so infectious in his and that was so endearing! I should probably smile more..

Okay, now onto the main shebang. As I was enjoying a glass of wine, my son, Ruby, and Tanaka, hit me with the cold reality - we won't see Tyrell anymore. Cue tears, and honestly, I did feel incredibly emotional. I've known Tyrell from Year 9 onward as we were in the same English and Maths class, and of course - Drama. Actually, I didn't know him. I mean, we were in the same Drama group, but I didn't know him. Then Year 12 comes along, and boom, Drama. I've said the same story over and over, so I won't repeat it! They say that in life, there will only be a hand full of people that will stand out in your life. Obviously, the person who made this phrase never met my Drama family because I will forever remember all of them.

Yet one stuck out the most, and perhaps it was because he always had his camera in our presence and always spammed us with his work. Yes, Tyrell. If I could have even an ounce of the determination and work ethic that this guy has, then I am set for life basically! His ambitions were inspirational, and even if he said that my book inspired him to write, he has no idea how much he inspired me! Seeing him work so hard for everything made me want to do something and that energy he showed gave me the push to work on my projects, such as this blog. He also gave many of us opportunities to do something, including the Pound a Portrait, which brought me back to earth and saved me during my difficult time. He also took the time to cheer me up before results day. Tyrell has no limits and as I watched him (not in a creepy way) at the viewing, talking effortlessly to the guests, I know he'll do wonderfully in this world. He has a confidence and presence that many, like myself, strive for and knowing that I won't get to see him as much as I would like (I'm assuming he'll be at Zoe's farewell and there will most likely be a Drama reunion one day!) is sad. There will never be another person like Tyrell because he is one of a kind and whatever he does with his life, it's going to be amazing.

So get on Trellyvision and subscribe because this is one talent you never want to miss out on. Goodbye and good luck Tyrell, you're going to do great!

Toodles :)

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