Friday, 29 August 2014

Easily Amazed Divas In Greenwich

Hi, Schneckens!
This was just one of the songs we proudly sang on the London Underground last night. Wanna hear something funny? We weren't even drunk! The five of us: Myself, Ruby K (mom), Ruby F (son), Tanaka (sis) and Josephine (sis-in-law) all went to see Jon Richardson last night at Greenwich's 'Up The Creek'. It was perhaps the greatest nights of my life and the fact that none of us had consumed a drop of alcohol, yet were so giddy, was just incredible. I strive for nights like these because they only happen once in a while, but when they do, boooooooom!

Firstly, my son was early to Central...again. But fear not, dear schneckens, I arrived promptly and waited for her to realise that I was standing there. It took a while, not too long though! But then, she gave me one of the nicest things ever - an autograph from YouTuber Thomas Ridgewell (a.k.a. TomSka!) I was so, so, so happy because that guy really helped me when I was going through a depressive stage and he gave me the courage to go see a doctor about how I was feeling! Plus, he's just seems like such a down-to-earth guy. Eventually the others arrived and we got on the tube. Whenever I'm on the Victoria Line I just think of Coronha now, which is a little bit awks given the content of that story. All of us were bouncing of each other's conversations and there was a brief moment of uncertainty as I got off the tube, but they doubted me. It's okay, they got off the tube! It wasn't Rachel in Friends style, but they got off the tube. At Euston, things were just hilarious as we started singing Anaconda, proudly showcasing our butts - not in that way though. Our conversations got a tad strange as I openly admitted how I sorta missed my daily hassle for an indecent picture - it got so weird that a man got off the carriage to get into the next one. Awks. The DLR was equally as weird to be honest. Myself and the Rubys (Rubies?) decided to hold hands, where I conducted a weird, incestuous marriage. I did warn you things would get weird.

Then we arrived at Greenwich! For anyone who doesn't know, this is where I am going to University, so you can imagine my sheer amazement that I'm going to this place in less than a month. Seriously, I am still in disbelieve. When we left the station, we made our way to comedy club, 'Up The Creek' and as we were early, we went to the pub next door - 'Lord Hood'. It was so lovely in there. The locals were so kind and friendly, making us feel super welcome. Plus, there was a magician and he performed a magic trick on us - he blew my mind and stole my heart...


...He didn't steal it for long though because after our hilarious time in the queue, we made it indoors. Jon Richardson time. The show will be out in September, so you can wait till then to hear about that! What made the night even more spectacular was that the warm up guy, Mark, spoke to me in the audience and I got to show off my Russian-ness. It was the best moment ever and I loved every second of it. The actual performance from Jon was mind blowing and in real life he's even more incredible than on television. I can't wait to see him in October! I can't actually express how happy I was throughout the whole thing - which is nice since the piece was on happiness.



After the amazing show, we all went to McDonald's, like the students we all are now, and I had a Happy Meal. My gawd, I was so happy! The ride back was even more bonkers than before and Tanaka and I, well, we were crazy and metaphorically planned our lives with two bearded men. One of them was eating his girlfriend's face, but hey, it could work out. I want to say loads more but it's one of those things when you have to be there and this is going on a lot, plus, there's pictures, so enjoy! Oh, we also sung Drunk in Love and other diva-ish songs. Standard really.



Toodles :)

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