Saturday, 23 August 2014

6 Things Hollywood Undead Taught Me

Heeeeeeeeey there, Schneckens!
This is perhaps my most busiest day I have ever had. Wow. Basically, today I had work and my daily adventures at the bank. Then tonight, I'm attending both Zoe's farewell party and Josephine's birthday meal. How far I've come in life! Even wearing a beautiful dress, well, I think it is anyway.

But yes, I need to get ready for a busy evening, so we gotta be quick; which leads me onto today's post. We all know that I love Hollywood Undead, and here is what they have taught me. It's more than just sex, btw.

6 Things Hollywood Undead Taught Me:

1. Sex and love are two entirely different things ~ Whilst you may be in a long term serious relationship, and sex will ultimately bring you closer together, sex is something completely different from love. Love is an emotional and a chemical feeling (I think?) and sex is a physical act, which doesn't need to be the start of something, nor lead to anything. If you like having sex, then just be safe and respectful; but it doesn't mean love. Y'know, that line 'I can show you how to hump without making love' from 'A Bottle and a Gun'. See, two different things.

2. It's okay to embrace your sexuality ~ Yes, and that includes withstanding from having sex. If you like it to be special with that one person, then go ahead, just like if you want a string of one night stands, fine. If you like kink, then enjoy that kink. We're all different in our tastes and preferences and no one should hold you back (unless it's something incredibly dangerous and illegal..)

3. Parties can be awesome ~ I may not be a party animal and I tend to enjoy a quiet night in with cooking shows and knitting, but these guys showed me the fun side. I'm not saying that we should party like wild, untamed animals; get laid and repeat the process, no, far from it. But sometimes it's good to get out there, meet knew people and remember that life is meant to be an experience. Hooking up with people is a bonus, but be safe. Seriously. Also, be careful with drinks - never let it out of your sight. I learnt that from these guys from the song 'Dead Bite'.

4. You should forget those who aren't worth it ~ You know the saying about 'haters' and how you should ignore them? Well, as much as it is cliché and obvious, it certainly applies to life. Do your thing and do what you want to. Somethings will never change and people will have opinions of you that aren't positive, but you just gotta stop giving a furk about those folk. Appreciate those who are worth your time!

5. The world is bleak ~ But it doesn't mean that you can't make it better. In songs, such as 'S.C.A.V.A' and 'Bullet', so many dark themes are present and it shows a dark side to life that we don't want to accept. But the lyrics really hit home and when listened to amongst their other work, there's a sense of empowerment. Yeah, life is a bitch, but I've got this far, so I'm pretty strong.

6. 'It's either kill, or be killed'~ You shouldn't let people treat you like crap and like the previous points, so you need to cut those idiots out of your life. You don't need to actually kill them like in the animal kingdom, but "kill" the link between you and that person, or people. I just did it today. Felt great.

So, that's just some of the things I have learnt from this magical band. Granted, a lot of lessons were attitudes towards sex. I used to be quite conservative, thinking that it was a way to connect to someone on an emotional level and that mindless sex was bad. Hey, as long as it's what you want to do, then it's fine. That's perhaps the biggest thing they taught me - you're not bad for doing things you want to do (unless of course it is illegal, which is most likely bad!)

Toodles :)

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