Saturday, 30 August 2014

3 Reasons Why Summer Has Been Relatively Awesome

Hello there, Schneckens!
Ah, summer... So many plans and so many dreams, and you know what, it's been a pretty good summer. As August reaches its eventual conclusion, it is clear that summer is almost a heartbeat away from finishing, which is a shame. I mean, who doesn't like the feeling that comes with the summer holidays? My summer has been longer than most, starting in June and I no longer have to return to school in September - that itself is an achievement! So that's been three months? Wow. So much has happened in those months; and whilst it hasn't been easy the whole way through as there were some very bleak moments, I've found a spark again and I'm hoping this spark can get me through the final stages before I start the next chapter - University. Eeek.

This summer was a very important time for me. Not only was it the summer I had to endure the bittersweet sensation of exam results, it was the summer I metaphorically grew as a woman (and literally, I think my breasts have grown!) Plus, with the release of my book: 'No Soul To Sell and Other Short Stories', I've found a new lease of confidence in my abilities and most importantly, showed me who exactly I want in my life. Then there's the whole amazing days I spent with my friends, which itself is just sublime. Summer truly has been awesome. So let's check out why, shall we?

3 Reasons Summer Has Been Relatively Awesome:

1. Boys, Boys, Boys! ~ Remember that Lady Gaga song? That was a catchy song! But yes, summer is always a time when males and I connect more. Maybe it's because I don't have the stress of school holding me back and the judgmental eyes of society glaring at me. Plus, a free house really helps, just sayin'.. I'm never a woman to kiss and tell when it comes to the successes of my interaction with males, no, far from it - I think the blog has proved that! Yet this summer there were two sides of the story: one side was that it was great, like, really great and the other side was shit. But when I say shit, I say it in the sense that I realised that some men are just inexplicable, in both their vulgar actions and behaviour. That was a wake up call for me and I cut out a lot of them from my life now. I won't be objectified, nor judged by my past, from someone who only knows half the story.
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2. Right Now ~ Without a shadow of a doubt, this past month I have felt a tad low. I've openly discussed how low I felt, so I don't think it's necessary to bring it up again; it's a hard thing to talk about. Yet through experiencing these moments, I realised that life shouldn't be rushed; shouldn't be regretted and shouldn't be thrown away. The moment that changed that for me was Pound a Portrait and being openly allowed to talk about my battles with mental health, during such a hectic time, for a documentary was a privilege. What made it more special was the response I received afterwards. Many got in touch with me, thanking me and praising me for the courage that I have continued to show. In Watsky's song: 'Right Now', he states "life is hard and then you die. So let's all go hard tonight." That really got me because he's right, life is hard and it won't stop  ceasing to be hard and we will die, but that shouldn't be our lives. This summer I did things I've always dreamed of ; met YouTubers; saw Jon Richardson live; went to a comedy club; had parties (my version of parties) and got out there more. Right now is right now and no other time now - and I need to remember that right now, I'm pretty good, and when I'm down, I need to remind myself that I can do it because I am stronger than I give myself credit for.
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3. No Matter What ~ Good friends will always be there for you until the end of time and this summer was so moving as for the first time ever, I went out a lot. It may have been just to the coffee shop, or the park, or Westfield, or walks down Wood Street, but spending it with my family was so special. We all went through a tough period when exam result season came knocking on our doors and all of us have had individual battles that were help fought from each one of us. We're all going to University, which is sad because we won't all see each other every day and that's what hurts the most because my friends are the greatest thing to ever happen to me. There's not a cat's hell in chance I would've got over Note-Gate, Book-Gate, Perv-Gate, Parents-Gate without them and that's a shit load of gates to be completely honest. I may be a miserable furker sometimes, but when I'm with them, I feel a lot more better and I laugh so much that I look more loopy than a box of loops? See, even they wouldn't care about that shittles comparison! In life you meet a few people who really stand out and these gals - and they know who they are since they've been in how many blog posts now?! - will be in my life until the stars run out. They are my stars and they shine for me, as much as I shine for them!
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That's pretty much the gist of it all. Summer has been quite the experience. It's not over just yet though! So it's time to keep adding to those memories. Whilst the weather has been crappy, I've had a jolly good time. Ah, summer, how I love thou.

Toodles :)

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