Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Vodka and Role Playing

Okay, the post title and what I am listening to. seems to suggest some elements of kink, and guess what? There really isn't. I'm sorry to disappoint all you ravished beasts, but alas, this blog will contain no kink. Well, expect for this link: (Nine Inch Nails - Super Mario Mix - explicit
...And this picture:

Oh, Paolo. Sorry, but dayum, Paolo is a hot slice of cake. Speaking of slice of cake, I had my last lesson with Ms Radley today. Well, I hope it was (I pray that I don't have to resit!) It was kinda emotional for me because she is my longest serving teacher and I will miss her dearly. She helped me a lot during the turbulent years, and I'm so happy that she got to teach me English Lit these past few years because she was able to see me blossom into a somewhat confident lady who likes rap. Yes, she has accepted my rap career. Has she accepted my Russian-ness? Only time can tell! I will miss Ms Radley (or Radders as she has been nicknamed for a good few years) and I wish her every bit of happiness. I also hope I can ace this exam so I can repay her with a grand grade - that's the dream for everyone. But one thing is certain: "I'll never forget you, Miss!"

So, you're probably wondering what the heck is up with this title? Nothing much really - I jut wrote about role play in my Drama mock and had a strong desire for vodka today. Pretty standard, really. So have a good Wednesday, and one will see you tomorrow sober as a judge!

Toodles :)

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