Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Types of Drama Students

Hello, Schneckens!
It is nearly the day of the *freaks out at moth* Drama exam. I don't know how I feel about it. At the moment, I feel rather okay, calm even, but who knows what's going to happen as the day actually approaches. It was my last lesson with Ms Klitou today, and as weird as it sounds, I didn't feel as emotional like in History and English. I guess it's because it isn't the end - I mean, it is - I won't be taught by her again, but Drama will continue. Heck, it's my life! Or I'll probably cry in Zoella's last lesson, or right after the exam. Till then, let's see what kinda students I meet on a daily basis. Or from television. Depends.

Types of Drama Students:

The Drama Queen ~ This can also apply for guys. It literally is the person who is so embedded with Drama in their lives that even the smallest things can provoke an Oscar winning performance. To be fair, we all have those moments.

The Papa Smurf ~ He does all the fatherly things for everyone and we all mock him for it because we're like crazy little kids. You would imagine he'd be the lion if it was a jungle. It's good someone does this shiz or someone could get hurt...

...The Clutz ~ Always dropping things, breaking things, walking into things etc etc. This person needs a stunt double. ASAP.

The Corner Shop ~ Whipping out food every lesson like it's no biggie. I'm fairly certain if you opened their bag, the contents of the local shop will be in it and you're just like 'whoa'...then your stomach rumbles cos you're hungry...

...The Tummy Grumbler ~ This person is always hungry that when someone even mentions the word food, they bounce like a souffle in the oven, which is then taken out too quickly. Furk, now I'm hungry.

The Latecomer ~ Walks in late like it's no biggie. You're just amazed that they managed to make it in before the end of the lesson.

The Creative One ~ You know the one - has a million ideas and they could seriously work if given the time and effort; brilliant for devising work - until you realise that you have other folk to consider.

The Oscar Winner ~ Everything they do is just amazing and you just look in complete and utter awe.

The Mama Bird ~ Looking after everyone since 2012; making sure that everyone is happy and smiling and stress free. Key for exam time!

The Lobsters ~ Those two folk you just know will get together, mainly because it's pretty obvious. You know, just like Paolo and I..

The Silent Assassin ~ Their work is killer and will send them straight to the top of the class as everyone goes completely crazy.

Aaaand finally, The Showcase ~ Singing, dancing, rapping, reenacting 'Let It Go from Frozen'...yeah, pretty much EVERY damn Drama student.

Okaaaay, I kinda ran out of ideas towards the end. Don't judge me though, I have sex on the mind - as in Lysistrata. I'm gonna miss these guys when it ends. I hope they miss me too. They better miss me!

Toodles :)



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