Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Types of Crushes

Heyyy, Schneckens!
The extra 'y' is to signify that this post is going to be about attraction and stuff! Or that my 'y' button got stuck - you decide! Yes, after a long period of really liking this guy, I have reached the end of it and now I have put him to bed not the greatest of terms. It's true though! I am over him, and that feels weird. I actually sent him a copy of my book today, which is about him and I am TERRIFIED. It's scary sending it out to anyone, let alone the guy it's about. Sheeeeit. So in dedication to this, let's see what kinda crushes we will eventually fall for!

Types of Crushes:

The Cutie Patootie ~ That person who makes your heart melt and eyes flutter as you gaze upon their sheer cuteness. Sometimes you embrace this too much and call them such a phrase, other times you just look at them and describe them 'as someone to take home for dinner at your parents'

The Taboo ~ Liking them is wrong and goes against everything you stand for, but man, what you wouldn't do to take that body to a cornfield.

The Baddie ~ Like above, liking them is wrong, but you live off the danger. It pisses of everyone and you know that it'll end badly, but you need that rush more than a drug addict needs a shot of heroin.

The 'Do I Reaaaaally Like Him/Her?' ~ You spend a while trying to decide if there are actual feelings for this individual and you start taking those quizzes, asking folk, just to confirm if it is true or not.

The Diamond In The Rough ~ Initially, you hate this motherfurker, but as you get to know them, you realise there is something there. Then you have your first dream, and boom, you're hooked, unlike the bra you wish he is unhooking. Oooooh!

The Inner Lana Del Rey ~ You want someone to channel those vibes so that crush must make you feel dark and deep feelings that no one can live up to. Until the next one, of course..

The Candy Crush ~ Not just the game! This crush is incredibly addictive and you keep going back for more because you have no soul to sell (which is the title of my book, out July 7th!)

The 'Just A Crush' ~ It will be nothing more than just that, and you no it. Dammit.

The No Chance ~ You guys live on polar spectrums in this world and the chances of you two working is non-existent. Their fun to look at though.

The Hottie ~ Literally, they are just someone who find attractive and that is it. They can be burning in front of you, and you will just say 'he/she is scorching hot' and walk off to your next crush.

Aaaaand finally, The One Who Can Be More ~ You're just crushing at first, and they're crushing too. Now you folk are together. Smug bastards.

Okay, I'm off now. I don't know if these are at all relevant in your lives, but it's just a bit of harmless fun. Who knows, maybe I'll do a part II one day..

Toodles :)

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