Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Hardest Goodbye

Hey, Schneckens!
I thought a lil innuendo would brighten today's mood. Geddit? Hard. I sat the exam and like every exam, I can't talk about it, and to be fair, I don't want to. What's done is done and we can't dwell on the paper; it's time to move ahead and focus on my summer. Crikey, I have summer now. Sheeeit. I have very little planned at the moment, but I guess we'll experience it. Together. Okay, that sounds like we're dating. Are we? No. I'm metaphorically with Paolo Nutini. Well, Watsky always has my heart to be honest with you. Okay, I'm rambling now.

But with every exam comes an end of a subject, and an end of an era I guess. Drama will always be in my life, and that is something I am proud to say! I will continue to do it for as long as I am still breathing because it is me. I am a Drama queen. I love the idea of creating something; being a part of something; watching something. So as the 2 and a half hours came to an end, I looked around me and saw the people I had spent my two years with, and whatever the outcome is, one of my greatest achievements was meeting them and being accepted. I am a weird schnecken, but they seemed to accept me and encouraged me with their words and praise. I flourished in these two years, and I believe this is just the beginning. I remember starting two years ago in Drama, with Zoella, and I was furking terrified. I didn't know what to expect and I thought I was never going to fit in. Two years later I am genuinely sad to see them go, but I will never forget them, and who knows - we might meet each other again one day.

Drama was the home of my greatest highs and unforgettable lows. I can never forget the sublime feeling of finishing a performance and the applause afterwards; it's like a heavenly drug that cannot be replaced by anything else. Performing my monologue was perhaps my standout because for the first time ever, I stood by myself and I showed everyone who the hell I was. Drama brings you close to people, and you form unlikely relationships that you never expected; granted, it's not perfect and at times I found it incredibly hard to deal with what was happening around me as I watched everything unfold, but it's a life lesson and something that one can only describe as a way to 'grow' as a person. But despite all of the heartbreak I endured, I'll never forget coming back into my Drama studio and for a while, I forgot what pain was.

I wish I could go on forever, but it's best to end things on a high. It's a goodbye in the sense I won't be with these incredible people anymore, but I'm still going to do Drama. I'm still going to be a crazy, Russian obsessed rapper. I told Zoella today that she'll never teach someone like me again because I am truly one of a kind, and if it wasn't for Drama, I never would've become the woman I am today. I'm not perfect, I'm not the prettiest, the smartest, the tallest (far from it, lawl!) etc etc, but I am me. And as cliché as the sounds, it's the truth. I've grown up in these past two years and I am proud of what I have achieved, and no piece of paper is going to tell me otherwise. I am me, and you can't stop me from being me, but you can join me as I raise my metaphorical glass for the future and a toast to all the people that I have met in these remarkable years.

So goodbye, Eliana, Zoe, Tyrell, Marquel, Christopher, Henry, Tariq, Kiera, José, Ruby, Josephine, Alanta, Sylvester, Ms Klitou and Zoella (Ms Carrick). I'll never forget you. x

Bernada Alba without the Alba
Photo Credit: Josephine

Reading my 3rd rap in a month, compared to his
one rap, two months late :/
He never goes to the left...

The loveliest schnecken, ever.

My Sonshine
More sad than a Russian without vodka

Working hard, or hardly working?
Gamma to Omega

They saw the camera.. Drats.
Casually eating carbs

The "bromance" continues to blossom
Working hard since tearing down that Wall

It looks like Capitalism vs Communism
Causally chatting

Tom Jones' son...
Zoella enjoying Henry's sickest bars

Zoella's street-cred goes up slightly

The chemistry between them is overpowering
This woman works pretty hard...

...compared to these lot. Jokes. Obvs.
#TeamEliana (with Noelle - hi!)

Shaking what his mama gave him..

The Mother-in-law
 The former Head Boy

Gertrude and Felix (R.I.P Felix)
Sorry for cheating with Tom Jones...
The Son-in-Law

My Son ^.^

The Sister-in-law
Best Michael Jackson impersonator. Ever.

Annotating scrips better than all of us
Pretty cool guy


His hardest goodbye... the dog next door


A wonderful, wonderful lady
We will party one day and it'll be fun

"That's ma dick..." Ah, memories.


Not forgetting the ever so glamorous Ms Klitou

Pretty talented duo
Both pretty talented, too

Preparing for her freedom
Preparing for their selfie

Me saying 'goodbye' to the Drama studio
Cue 'Friends' theme tune..
Toodles :)

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