Friday, 27 June 2014

Risqué Business

Hey, Schneckens!
Initially I planned for a glorious double post, but I went shopping today and as a stereotypical woman (well, at points) I got distracted and totally ran out of time for a double. So instead of a saucy double session with me, you get one that will blow your mind and make you come back for more.

I should warn you, there may be some saucy talk in this post; blame the weather, I guess? Moving on, I had to go shopping for beauty products to make sure I look super damn amazing for my prom next week. I'm not one to give a crap about make-up, hair, dresses and that kinda shiz, but I'm starting to notice a change in me. I actually want to look good for this shindig, but I don't know why. Actually, that's a lie; I know exactly why. But yes, I bought make-up, but nothing ridiculous - I'm sticking to a natural look that is also summery. Then I saw Mog, and for anyone who doesn't who Mog is, you make me weep.

So as the day progressed, my dearest Mom, Ruby McGuire, helped me fix my dress. My dress is rather nice, and the wedges are pretty, too. But there was one flaw. My cleavage was dangerously on display. I know some folk like that kinda thing, but this was so dangerously on display that even covering then with my hair couldn't prevent an accident. Yes, I may have wonderful assets (not coming from me, folks), but come on, I need to stay classy; so let's keep them under wraps for the night.

And that was my day. Tomorrow we'll discuss role play. Not really.

Toodles :)

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