Friday, 6 June 2014


Yo, Schneckens!
Why am I acting so incredibly gangster right now? Okaaaay, and we lost the gangsta-ness.

I had the English Lit exam and I can't talk about it for obvious reasons. It was okay. It's over and that's the main thing. But for me, the main emotional heartbreak wasn't from sitting the exam (although that was incredibly training), it was saying 'goodbye' to Ms Radley. This literally brought me to tears, and I wish I could say metaphorically, but this remarkable woman has taught me for 5 years. Half a decade. Ms Radley has seen me at my lowest and at my highest, and she has also put up with a Russian obsessed woman for two years now. She deserves the Queen's recognition for that! So as English Lit removes its way from my life (hoping I don't have to resit!) I would like to say a huge thanks to my teachers; Ms Radley (Radders) and Mr Nathanson-Parry (The Gridman). It's been a fun process, despite the extreme stress we (Myself, Ruby, Eliana and Monica) endured. We started as a larger group, with the not-so-scary Mr Hughes, who faced the toughest challenge of his life - a class purely of females. It may have shrunk down to just the four of us, but the intimacy made it better. We are all crazy. Not Victor, Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Marquis, Count etc etc crazy, but we're pretty crazy. Thanks, it's been an experience one cannot ever forget!

I'll never forget you, Ms Radley!

So once the exam was over, the only thing I could really do was have a slice of cake and have a chill time with my Son and a few chums. As you can tell, the exam had truly got to us, but we'll be fine. We can do anything. Now my only focus in on Drama, and I'm so happy that I scored highly on the mocks! I hope I can score highly on the real thing! It's hard to imagine that in one week, I'll be finished. Whoa.

And to conclude the day, I spent it in the my wonderful haven - Drama. Okay, the way I am typing right now sounds a tad hyperbolic. Crikey, I sound more hyperbolic than the Monster and Victor combined. Drama was pretty fun. It was truly a rapathron for me as I FINALLY got my freakin' rap from Sylvester. He seemed surprised when he had to perform it to me. A bit strange, I mean, come on, did you think you can just hand over a rap two months late and just walk off into the sunset? Naah, blud. Plus, I can barely read his handwriting. It was a good rap though, so fair play to him. It's things like that which make the realisation that were eventually lose contact nicer because I can take the good memories, rather than the bad. Yes, that also includes the time I accidentally slammed his head in the door - it truly was an accident.

But of course the main rap today was to the wonderful Ms Klitou! Her birthday is on Sunday, and I believe she is spending it watching One Direction - her daughter should be happy. Ms Klitou is my second longest serving teacher, so I can imagine that after the Drama exam, I will be incredibly emotional since it is the greatest subject in the world. No offence to the other subjects out there! So I hope it's a grand birthday and I hope you enjoyed the rap! I really like rapping; I'm seriously considering it as a future profession. Okay. Maybe not. 

Anyhoo, it's been a blast, but I think I need a nice relaxing bath and Paolo Nutini. My goodness, how I wish that could be together. A woman can dream though. And if you can dream it, you can do it!

Toodles :)

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