Monday, 16 June 2014

Music Monday [Game of Life]

Hello, Schneckens!
I got up super early today (well, kinda) to buy the wonderful 'Game of Life'. For anyone who has never heard of this brilliant, brilliant game, it is a game in which you go through life stages and the player who makes the most money wins. It's like life, but life isn't as simple as that. I can't wait to play it with everyone I know; it truly is a great time. So until that moment, let's check out some music, shall we?

Of Eyes That See
Song I listened to: Breathe Again:
The rock vibe was electrifying and truly gripped me from the off-set! I found the song a perfect mixture of lyrics, vocals and instruments that when combined created a truly remarkable song that will allow any listener to rock out!

Song I listened to: Crying Sally:
The song takes you back to the good ol' days and it is perhaps the most sensual song I have heard in a while. The jazz is hugely addictive and I think anyone will enjoy this song; the instruments are like a galaxy bar - silky and smooth.

Song I listened to: Do It All Again:
The song is so smooth that it genuinely makes a good listen every time. Her vocals are so gentle that it compliments the sick beat perfectly. Plus, the lyrics seem universal for anyone, and there is a Ariana Grande 'Problem' vibe to it; making it insanely catchy!

Celeste Kellogg
Song I listened to: Rain:
The first thing I said when I heard this was 'this is beautiful', and it truly was. Her haunting, beautiful vocals was like heaven in my ears as the soft piano played alongside her. This song is needed in everyone's life, and I can honestly say that it is one of the most sublime songs I have listened to. Especially when it livens up over mid way - a huge surprise for everyone. Wonderful!

Chase Allan
Song I listened to: See Amazing:
I love country music and this song reminded me why country music rocks! The song was feel good and will certainly get you up and dancing because it is incredibly catchy and addictive!

Stage Republic
Song I listened to: Falling Angel:
The lyrics and vocals are so haunting that you are enchanted by the sheer beauty that is emitted from this song. A life lesson is taught from this song and I think that the writer was a genius because it is open to interpretation that one can effortlessly apply to their lives. Perfect!

Grace Garland
Song I listened to: Lovers Never Lie (In Bed):
This song is so sexy and sensual that it is perfect! The beauty of her jazzy, soulful vocals makes the song a pleasure to listen to and her vocals makes the song brilliant. This truly is a song to capture a spark in a relationship again!

Morning Robots
Song I listened to: Out Of The Blue:
This song is unique; the beat has a combination of rock, but has psychedelic moments. I love it though because of this. It reminds me of Oasis in the 90s, well, actually the 90s in general. Pretty good!

Monks of Mellonwah
Song I listened to: Ghost Stories:
I love the vibe that this band gives off! The instruments are truly wonderful and I love the rocky vibe to it, which goes perfectly with the vocals. What makes it more special is the lyrics; it truly creates an image in one's head and it is brilliant because of this!

Henry Albert
Song I listened to: I Got You:
The beat is hella sick, and his vocals compliments this perfectly. I may not know a lot about rap but I know good music; and this is certainly an example of good music. There is a natural flow to Henry that can only be described as 'effortless'. Truly wonderful!

Okay, that's my music this Monday. You know the score, I'll see you next week for some new music discoveries that I stumble across like a drunken gazelle. I'll see you next week - you bring the music!

Toodles :)

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